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This is the page where we drop the curtains and turn the lights on ourselves.  This site is really all about you – you the self-published author, and you the reader of new and daring fiction. It isn’t about us; it was never meant to be.

But since you’re here, this is what there is to know: Indie Author Land is run by a couple.  She is a journalist covering the arts, and he is a computer programmer. Neither one of us is an author, but we are both voracious readers and both want to contribute, in whatever way we can, to the creation of good fiction.

Hence, Indie Author Land…

The site is growing, and this is what we want. Our idea is for that growth to be organic, fluid – growing to fill whatever void it may come across.

(And, selfishly, helping us find our next favourite book!)

By the way, we run another site, one focussed mostly on African fiction. You should check it out.

And if you’re not totally bored with hearing or reading about us, you can read/listen to all the interviews we’ve granted here.

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  1. Richard

    I have no idea where you are physically based but I don’t suppose you are available for a literary festival, march 2013 in London UK.

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  3. Just wanted to say thanks on behalf of Indie Authors, and writers in general – you are doing a great service for the industry. Kudos.

  4. I applaud your website and am grateful that you have even included a poetry section as well as the ambiguous literary section.

  5. This looks great! How do I become a part of it? I am an indie author.

  6. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT Indie Author Land. Your support is a contribution towards turning my vision into a reality.

    Founder of the “To Succeed You Must Read” literacy initiative.

  7. How can I get represented on your site?

    • David Njoku

      Click on the Authors menu for details.

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