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Why you must read Temba Magorimbo’s Lake of my Heart


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Lake Of My Heart is a love story about a couple on the verge of divorce. They now re-examine their way from their current marital woes going back in years to when they had a fabulous engagement party and wedding. They re-live those years when they were happy, to find errors in their system and try to boot them out before the worst catastrophe befalls them.

So they’re looking back over their crumbling marriage? Interesting. What genre is this?
Contemporary Romance.

Tell us about this couple. What is their back story?
Trevor’s surprise engagement party to a darling of a girl and his wedding is the talk of the neighbourhood.

He is strong enough to know that he and his wife are children of foreigners who came into the country to work in mines, farms and industries and have been looked down upon by the former Caucasian masters and their fellow black people.

Mines? Caucasian masters? Where is this novel set? Who are you?
I was born on the 9th of August 1966 in Gwelo, Rhodesia. [now Gweru, Zimbabwe]. My father was a [British South African Police] constable and my mother was a housewife.

I grew up in the then Rhodesia during the Ian Smith era when the country was separated on a 3-tier racial system. I went to schools segregated by race with my race being the bottom of the tier.

Wow. Is there a way we can keep up with you online?
I don’t currently have a website though I plan on one.

What’s next for you?
There are projects without titles as yet that I am amusing myself with.

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