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Why you must read LE Fred’s Lucid


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Lucid is a story about a young teenager who has to save the world from being enslaved in their own dreams.

Devon Alexander is a normal fifteen-year-old boy with a way too busy mother, an annoying brother, and a really stupid job at a local summer camp. His dull summer takes a turn for the creepy when he has a dream about being on a spaceship. There are other people with him on this dream trip, but before anything bad happens, Devon manages to wake up.

The next day, his brother turns on the news channel to a featured story about a sudden outbreak of inexplicable comas happening throughout the country. Devon nearly has a heart attack when he recognizes the victims from his dream. With the help of his brainiac hacker friend Tiff, another dreamer/hotshot college kid Mitch, and some other unexpected allies, Devon must figure out who’s responsible for the comas and how to help those currently asleep. As the heroes delve deeper into the mystery, they end up discovering an entirely new world and a dark truth about the nature of humanity.

Sounds really exciting; I can see it as a TV series.
Lucid is for anyone who loves a good story. If you’re a fan of fantasy realms mixed with urban conflict, you’ll love Devon’s tale. It’s especially wonderful for middle and high school students who enjoy fast-paced fiction that reads like a conversation. Lucid is written from Devon’s point-of-view, and his sarcastic sense of humor often leads to funny asides in the face of danger.

So it’s aimed at kids?
Lucid is YA with a mixture of scifi, fantasy, and suspense. It has a bit of everything for everyone!

If you like fantasy, food, and fight scenes, you’ll love my book!

We definitely love food!
Tell us about Devon.
Devon is a typical teenager trying to figure out who he wants to be. Living with only his mother and bully of a big brother, Devon really never gets to act out on his own. Despite his intelligence (he’s an honors student,) he has extremely low self-esteem. His best friend, Tom, went away for baseball camp, leaving Devon to sign up as a volunteer counselor in training for the summer, working under a very bossy camp counselor. Though visiting the dream world scares Devon more than anything he’s experienced, he secretly welcomes the change and the ability to prove himself. When he does have confidence in himself, Devon proves to be a valuable asset to his allies and often saves his friends from certain death.

Anyone else we need to meet? Who’s Mitch?
Mitch is the other person trying to figure out why people are being put into comas. He appears in Devon’s second trip on the dream spaceship, and it’s Devon that explains to Mitch what’s going on. Mitch immediately wants to spring into action. Unlike Devon, Mitch looks the hero part. An honors student at an Ivy League college, son of a wealthy businessman, and a fencing and rowing star, Mitch has never known a world where he didn’t exceed. Though he’s used to taking charge, Mitch soon realizes that his power alone is not enough. He must learn to work with Devon in order to save others from comas and much worse fates.

Have you written any other novels that we should read next?
Though I have some works in progress, Lucid is my debut novel!

What’s the best way to keep informed about your work in progress? Do you have a website? Are you on social media?

What’s your story?
I’m a young writer, dreamer, and explorer. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been creating my own worlds (you can blame Harry Potter and anime for that!) As I entered college, I realized that I wanted to write some of my stories down, though not as an English major. Studying psychology expanded my story ideas, one of those being Lucid. I’m currently teaching English abroad and having all sorts of new experiences to spark my next story!

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