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Why you must read Andie M Long’s The Alphabet Game


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The Alphabet Game tells the story of Stella and Gabe, who both have issues with their fathers (in Stella’s case her stepfather) and they unite in a plan for revenge. As well as the cat and mouse game played with their dads, Stella and Gabe embark on The Alphabet Game, a sexual exploration from A through to Z.

Because their paternal units are heavily involved in running a group of sex clubs, Gabe feels Stella is too naive to just head straight into the fray. Stella might be inexperienced but not in her head! At times she gives Gabe quite a shock! (see V)

See V?
The Alphabet Game was released as separate novellas over the space of 4 months from April to July and is now together in one volume.

That’s interesting. What genre is it? It sounds rather adult.
Erotic Romance. 18+ only.

If you like erotic romance it won’t disappoint as I was careful to make sure that each of the letters has an original scenario and they didn’t repeat anything. Alongside that though is a twist and turn plot that will always keep you guessing. The people who had a months wait in between got so mad!

If you like humour, plot twists, hot alphas and strong women, you’ll love my book.

Hot alphas and strong women? We like the sound of that. Tell us about Stella and Gabe.
Stella was sent to boarding school at an early age and therefore missed out on some milestones. This means she can behave quite childlike at times, in terms of wanting instant gratification. Alongside this the experience has hardened her; she finds it difficult to trust anyone. She also loathes her sexual inexperience.

Gabriel Gregory has an incident in his past which means he too has trust issues. Whilst he had Stella investigated he realised that he had a potential ally and a potential lover. Gabe is a true Alpha male, though eventually you see his vulnerable side.

Have you written any other books that we should read next?
Around September (2014) should see the release of Underneath, a drama suspense about Lauren, who is bored with her so-called perfect life. An old foe from school returns and as a vendetta starts that begins to tear Lauren’s life apart, she begins to realise how good she had it all along. But is it too late, and also is she becoming too distracted by schoolteacher Seb?

I have a third book drafted also for future release, so lots to come from Andie over the next few months.

Tell us about Andie.
I’m in my early forties and live in Sheffield, England. I always wanted to write but didn’t actually put pen to paper until just after my 40th birthday (when I kicked myself up the butt in a ‘are you ever doing this?’ scenario). The Alphabet Game although released first is the third book I wrote.

I live with my partner and 11 year old son when I’m not living in my head. I work as a Research Administrator as writing unfortunately doesn’t pay the bills.

Where can we find you online?
Yes, please come chat to me at I am often on there messing around. Last night I highjacked my friends blog and got my page to join in. We had a riot (in a good way).

What about Twitter?
On twitter I am @andiemichelle.

What’s next for you?
Next for me is trying to promote The Alphabet Game to a wider audience. It’s doing well for a debut book, but as a new author it’s hard to know how to reach a wider group of readers.

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