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Why you must read Katherine McIntyre’s By the Sea

By the Sea Katherine McIntyre

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Most kids had imaginary friends, but most weren’t like Megan’s friend Niall. There were rules: only at night and only by the sea. She could’ve sworn he was real, but when someone vanishes without a trace, what else can you believe?

All that was seven years ago, buried in the past until Niall shows up in town with his tight swimmer’s body and easy smile. For Megan, just the sight of him is enough to tear open a scar that never fully healed. However, their reunion only elicits more questions. Niall’s keeping secrets, unbelievable ones, and as Megan delves into the supernatural depths of who he really is, she’s sure he’ll vanish again.

Megan’s not stupid—she knows how bad it’ll hurt if she gets involved. The first time Niall disappeared, she never thought she’d recover. But the moment they lock eyes, it’s too late—because Megan will go to any length to see that boy smile.

Sounds like it’s got that paranormal touch, but also a huge slice of romance. What kind of reader is it aimed at?
Some romance readers, but more fantasy fans. While it’ s a contemporary setting and the beginning starts out more romance-ish, it ends up with a distinct fantastical flair later on.

Are we talking vampires here?
Fae or fairies.

We like that.
Tell us about Megan.
Megan’s sweeter than most of the characters I write. My first published novel, An Airship Named Desire featured a rough and tumble girl and those are usually the sort I like. However, Megan is more normal than the rest–a good balance to the otherworldly things she has to deal with.

What’s this other novel?
An Airship Named Desire if you’re looking for a steampunk action adventure.

I also have a contemporary Snow White novella coming out later this year, which I would recommend keeping watch for!

What’s the best way to do that?
Follow me: @PixieRants for Twitter and check out my Facebook fanpage at

Do you have a website too?
My website is at

Tell us about yourself.
I am an author of a variety of poems, short stories, novellas and novels—truly, anything as long as it involves my primary passion: writing. For more casual writing, I’m a regular contributor on, a geek news website. However, my day job is a combination of massage therapist and I also run a small business, Solstice Brews, where I create my own tea blends. What can I say? I like to stay busy.

Massages and tea – that’s an unusual blend!
What’s next? On the writing front, that is.
I just completed a sci-fi manuscript, a kind of Water World meets pirate adventure sort of story. Hoping to dive into editing it soon!

You seem to have amazing range. How easily do new storylines come to you? If we give you four random words – Man, Woman, Mexico, Future – can you give us a brief storyline?
New storylines come really easy to me. I actually love the challenge of a prompt too–I find it inspiring.

With the four words–man, woman, Mexico and future, here’s my storyline:

In the year 2030, countries have been infected with plagues of a mutated insect, one that’s been impossible to stamp out. With the United States quickly getting overrun, Jenna’s ready to pack her bags and flee to the only safe place: Mexico, where one man’s claimed to have a solution.

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