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Why you must read Catherine Taylor’s Master

Master Catherine Taylor

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Master is set in Ukraine in 1995 and is the story of a man, driven by revenge. When he claims a young girl, Lena, as his trophy in a cage fight, she is certain that it can only be for one purpose. She soon comes to learn that he has other motives, and somewhere under the tattoos and muscle is a caring man. Having suffered throughout her life, she finds herself drawn to him. When her own demons come back to haunt, her captor must now become her ally.

What genre is this?
Master is an erotic thriller.

Master will appeal to anyone looking for something completely original in the erotic genre, who also has a passion for action and an intricate plot, filled with espionage, KGB, cage fighting and of course, steamy scenes.

Tell us about this cage fighter.
We are introduced to Jahn Zaleski at a cage fight, in Donetsk, Ukraine. He is tall, dark and muscled, with intense blue eyes and a solid punch. His mysterious history is slowly revealed throughout the book.

He won’t be all that mysterious to long-time Catherine Taylor fans, would he? The Finest Line Catherine Taylor
After completing my Line Trilogy, readers had become fond of a secondary character, introduced in the second book, A Line Crossed. He was intriguing, mysterious and had the ominous title of Master. I began to get emails from readers, requesting this character’s own story, and I didn’t need much convincing. I loved the character too, and wanted to give him an exciting story. It was a challenge that tested my writing skills and required months of research. It would be a prequel to my other books.

And what has readers’ reaction been?
In January, Master was released and within days had become an Amazon Kindle top 100 bestseller in erotica. It has since been nominated for a Global Ebook Award.

So new fans need to read the trilogy first?
Master can be read for itself, but he returns in A Line Crossed and A Line Drawn.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a New Zealand author, with a Bachelor in Media Arts and a Diploma of Acting. Writing has been a passion since I was a child and I have several unpublished novels which I plan to revisit. My writing is not limited to books, and I have written several screenplays and produced some short films. I have been part of the film industry for several years, on both sides of the camera. When I am not writing, I love spending time with my husband of thirty years, my four adult children and two beautiful grandchildren.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?

Are you on social media?
Twitter is @NZEroticAuthor.

What’s next for you?
I am currently working on a sequel to Master.

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