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Why you must read AU Gonzales’ And Then Acid Fell


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And Then Acid Fell is an anthology that narrates the stories of ordinary people caught in the middle of a freak, catastrophic acid rain.

Caught in the most awkward places, the people in the center of each story must struggle to face the consequences of their decisions. The book is divided into eight stories, with three chapters each. You can read one story and then save the others for other days because they aren’t that connected with each other. I had hoped to give a sort of realistic view of society, I’ve peppered in political, social and philosophical commentary just to get them off my chest.

That’s interesting. What genre does all that nudge the book into?
Each story is self-contained and deals with varying aspects of life. I structured it in a way that every genre is somehow touched upon.

That doesn’t really answer the question of who the book will appeal to.
The stories tends to target mature audiences. By mature, I mean people whose thinking is matured. If you’re a fan of literature, then you’ll love And Then Acid Fell.

You mean “big L” Literature?
Character-driven stories that take you to the edge of your imagination.

We’d best meet these characters then. Who are they?
There are eight main characters who are not directly associated with each other (at least some of them aren’t). One major similarity that they all have is that they are all flawed. I love writing flawed characters, building them up then breaking them down.

All in all, I’ve peppered many attributes of mine to every character. Some people are vain when it comes to pictures, authors express themselves in words.

Most other apocalypse stories involve zombies or something like that. Why acid rain?
Every other disaster takes the focus out of the characters. They are just one big bang and poof escape or survived — at least, that’s how mainstream disaster movies are portrayed. I wanted my story to be about a disaster but not about THE disaster, if that makes any sense. Acid is just a device that sets up the story, but it’s the characters that drives their stories. I wanted a lingering doom that doesn’t instantly kill them but give them almost no chance of escape. There’s a political message there that I don’t want to say outright. It’s up for interpretation.

You obviously care about politics and meaning. What’s your background?
I was an engineering major who shifted and graduated in computer science, who sidelined as a sports writer and features writer for different publications during my university years. Diverse is a word that best describes me. I’ve worked in the corporate world, founded a start-up and sold it, worked in the corporate world again, until I eventually quit to pursue my passion for writing.

[This] is the blog I use in the interim. I’m working on getting my own site up so just follow me on Twitter and I’ll keep you posted.

What’s your twitter handle?
My Twitter handle is @jedau.

What’s next for you?
I haven’t really decided which one of my stories would be next, but I’ll keep everyone posted as soon as a victor emerges.

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