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Why you must read Amalie Jahn’s Tin Men


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Charlie’s love for Brooke has grown in the years they’ve been together, but when his father dies in a tragic climbing accident, he discovers a well-hidden family secret which turns his life upside down and threatens to destroy his sense of self as well as his relationship with Brooke.

Although deep down Charlie always suspected his family wasn’t what it seemed, the truth of his adoption compels him to search for his birth mother. In the quest to find her, he realizes traveling to the past for the truth he seeks will jeopardize his relationship with the person he cherishes most in the world.

Brooke almost lost everything traveling back in time to save her brother. Will Charlie make the same mistake?

There’s a reason why this all sounds a little familiar to us, isn’t there? self-published science fiction novel the clay lion amalie jahn
Tin Men is a follow up to The Clay Lion, (#24 on IndieAuthorLand’s top books of 2013!)

Should we read the novels in sequence?
You should definitely read The Clay Lion FIRST.

What genre are these novels?
Young Adult – Romance
Young Adult – Coming of Age
Science Fiction – Time Travel.

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
Anyone who has ever been in love. Anyone who has ever struggled to come to terms with their place in the world.

Tell us about your main character.
Charlie has always felt like something was missing in his life. That for some reason, he didn’t belong. When he discovers the truth about his adoption, it sends him reeling and he struggles to come to terms with what defines who he is and the man he is to become. He loves Brooke deeply, but the pull toward truth and closure compels him to risk their relationship. He struggles internally throughout the book with his decisions.

Have you written any other books?
Among the Shrouded is another stand alone which follows three separate characters on a journey to fulfill their common destiny.

Tell us about yourself.
I love to read and write and play Uno. I burn something at every meal. My favorite foods are blackberries and avocados. I drive a minivan. I’m an Ironman triathlete and cancer survivor. I own 3 cats but no cat apparel. I hate emptying the silverware out of the dishwasher and love helping others.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?

What about social media?

What’s next for you?
I’m collaborating on a cookbook with a wonderful chef entitled “Let Them Burn Cake.” After that, there’s more work for the characters from Among the Shrouded to accomplish and perhaps a third book for The Clay Lion series.

How easily do new storylines come to you? If we give you four random words – Man, Woman, Airport, Darkness – can you give us a brief storyline?
Jerry was sitting at Tulsa International, mindlessly flipping through the latest edition of Maxim magazine. He was bored. Chronically bored. Even the thought of spending the evening with Trina, the hooker in Houston he saw whenever he headed south did nothing to excite him. As the minutes ticked past, he realized the overhead fluorescents had dimmed and he was squinting to read the article on the most effective method of chest hair removal. He glanced up from the benefits of waxing as movement out the window, just above the horizon drew his attention. It was a darkness, spreading quickly across the landscape from the west, devouring everything in its path. It moved almost like a swarm of locusts, but with less purpose. Other travelers engrossed in their electronic devices began to notice the change and panic struck. Chaos ensued. Jerry knew immediately that whatever the darkness was would kill him if he didn’t get out of the terminal, and he also knew the only way out was up.

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