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Why you must read Jaye Em Edgecliff’s Ready Or Not

Ready or not Jaye Edgecliff

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Lauren and Sally are 15, they’re sophomores, they’re in love, and they’re growing up. Are they ready for the simple challenges of life? For learning to drive, sex, planning their futures both in general and together, to think about careers or college, for losing someone they care about deeply – forever? Are they ready to face new experiences? To deal with foreign cultures and celebrations, travel, attending a royal ball, and more? Is Lauren ready to meet Sally’s grandparents? Is Sally ready to lose her virginity?

The girls are growing into young women. They’re on the cusp of adulthood. Life is coming at them, whether they’re ready for it, or not.

What genre is it?
slice-of-life, young adult, lesbian, Christian romantic-comedy.

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
If the reviews for the first book are anything to go by, a variety of people, though none seem to be of a very conservative bent. Can’t imagine why.

Haha, us neither.
This reminds us of the movie Blue is the Warmest Colour. What should it remind us of?
Cheaper By the Dozen?

It’s light-hearted, it’s anecdotal, though there is a certain amount of underlying theme to hold the anecdotes together. It’s for people who know from the moment they see the cover how the story is going to end, but feel that the fun is in how they get there.

Have you written any other books that we should read next?
Next? No. First, yes. As Ready or Not is book 2 of a series it helps to have read Love or Lust, which came out last year.Free Kindle Book

We remember interviewing you about it.
Tell us about Lauren and Sally.
There’s Lauren. She’s still the consumate Good Girl, though she proves to be somewhat more of a sensual creature than would be expected (or not, depending on your opinion of redheads). She’s sweet, and studious.

There’s Sally. She’s whimsical, she’s quirky, and she’s discovering her faith and spirituality. She’s the worldly one of the two, though sometimes she doesn’t always act like it.

Anyone else we need to meet?
Maureen and Allison both have minor point-of-view roles this time too. Maureen is Lauren’s older sister who is nicknamed Emmy by their grandfather (as in Emily Post) and she has a somewhat more tragic role in this portion of the series. Allison is the eccentric artist friend who insisted on acting as a kind of counterpoint to the melancholy of Maureen’s scenes.

How much of you – or the person you wish you were – is in your main character?
Everything and nothing.

None of the characters are me, though I’ve a little something in common with many of them. I let the characters be themselves. The only character that’ll ever be me will be a shy woman with pen and paper in hand scratching out a novel, and she hasn’t shown up yet.

Fair enough. Tell us about her then.
I’m just a shy, quiet, luddite. I work with computers and know far too much about them to trust them with anything.

I spend time with my family which includes a hyperactive black-mouth cur and two highly eccentric cats (as in eccentric for cats, and hyperactive for a BMC … yikes).

I dream of one day getting a call from Steven Spielberg saying he’d like to make a movie, then names a sum that would buy a quiet little island in Nova Scotia.

How suspicious of computers are you? Do you, for instance, have a website where we can keep up with your work?
But of course:

Are you on social media?

What’s next for you?
Book 3. And eventually my Faerie Patrol series.

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