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Why you must read Everyn Kildare’s Crow


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For Denora Garro, a girl born and raised in a bustling metropolis, the city becomes something more. After the strange disappearance of her brothers, Denora meets an intoxicatingly enigmatic and beautiful man named Silas who shows her that the city she thought she knew has a hidden underbelly – one of magic and secrecy. To save her brothers, Denora must embrace this new world and her heritage, unraveling its mysteries to save her family from a dark curse and try to unravel the truth.

What genre is this?
Crow is a paranormal urban fantasy. There’s mystery, adventure, magic and romance. All fun stuff.

Indeed. What demographic is it aimed at?
I’d love to say young adult, but due to my main character’s flagrant language and some tough emotional topics (like suicide, loss and depression) it’s probably more geared towards a slightly older audience. I’d say, late teens and up.

These days lots of novels are blurring the lines between categories; all the best writers are doing it.
I’ve had my work compared to Neil Gaiman’s, which I took as a HUGE compliment!

That’s exactly what we mean.
Tell us more about your series. Where is it set?
The Crow Series is set in New York City which itself becomes a character – from the rumbling darkened subway tunnels, to the crowded city streets, to the lively nightlife in Manhattan. It’s the city you see in movies and the place that people dream of.

Tell us about your human characters.
Denora is a tough girl with a troubled past. After losing her parents, she distanced herself from her family and friends, feeling that losing people was just too hard. After finding out her childhood best friend has died, she feels guilt over isolating herself from those she loves. Re-evaluating her choices leaves her open to meet new people, find new love and learn to trust again.

Of course, then there is the issue of trusting the right people. Not everyone she encounters has her best interests at heart, but sometimes you just have to open yourself up to the experience. What’s that famous Tennyson quote? ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

Didn’t realise it was Tennyson.
How much of you – or the person you wish you were – is in Denora?
I wouldn’t say “the person I wish I was” – more like the person I used to be. Denora reminds me a lot of myself when I was a teenager (my high school friends will agree with that one. A couple of them even told me so). Not that I can melt metal with the sheer power of my will or make the wind swirl around me like a tornado. In that instance, I totally wish! Need the dishes washed? Use my power to command nature to have the food disintegrate? Hell yeah! Tired with my current hair color? Change it with a few stroke of my hand – instant makeover!

Writing is sort of a superpower. You’ve got that.
I’ve been writing, mostly fantasy and paranormal fiction since the second grade. It’s my passion and my love. Honestly, I don’t know how I’d function without my imaginary characters playing inside my head.

Outside of writing, I’m a wife and a mommy to two brilliant and beautiful kids. I have three crazy cats who both amuse and terrorize me. I was born in sunny Southern California but moved to New York when I was very young. I’ve been a city kid ever since and I can’t imagine leaving New York City, even though I know I probably will eventually for the sake of my kids.

I come from a very diverse family background and that tends to be reflected in the various ethnicities and mixed backgrounds of my characters.

Oh, and I drink way too much black coffee.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?
The Crow Series has it’s own site at

Do you use social media?
Twitter: @EverynKildare.

What more do we need to know about the Crow Series?
The second book in the Crow Series is in the editing stages and set to be published in the next few months. Keep an eye out for that.

Is it going to be a trilogy?
The Crow Series is a four part series.

The other two books are outlined and ready for me to get typing.

How easily do new storylines come to you? If we give you four random words – Man, Woman, Airport, Darkness – can you give us a brief storyline?
I always have a dozen stories I want to work on at once. It is taking a lot of self-discipline to focus on one book / series at a time. Since my readers have been clamoring for the second Crow book, that is my focus right now.

But surely you can do something for us.

His plane was delayed.

Thunderstorms had swept the area, grounding all planes for the past several hours. He stuffed the last bites of the cardboard-like pizza into his mouth and headed to the restroom to wash up. As he rubbed his hands together under the tepid water, the bathroom lights flickered. He squinted into the mirror. His eyes were bloodshot – he’d been waiting for six hours for his flight to Tokyo to board. He squirted the powder pink soap into his palm just as an announcement rang through the loudspeaker, declaring his flight would depart in forty-five minutes.


“Don’t go.” A woman’s voice said softly behind him. He looked up from his hands at her reflection in the mirror behind him.

“Lady, this is the men’s room.” He said casually before returning his attention to his hands.

The lights flickered again.

“Don’t get on the plane.” She said, this time her voice echoed through the bathroom.

He pushed the handle up to shut off the water and turned to face her, prepared to remind her once more that she was in the wrong place.

There was no one there.

The bathroom lights flickered again and he was left standing alone in the darkness.

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