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Interview with Kathryn Edgar, author of Finding Trouble


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Tell us about Finding Trouble

Rayna begins getting unusual and threatening mail.  She has no idea what she has done to get someone’s attention.  She was recently fired from her job at the bank but it’s not often loan officers find themselves being threatened with mutilation and murder.  Luckily (loose use of the word) Josh is in the building and hears her screaming at her first delivery.  He rushes in to see what is going on and finds himself in the middle of a new case with a fiery red head.   

She doesn’t seem to appreciate everything he is doing to help and he really can’t figure out why this case is so important to him.  Eventually the chemistry between these two will create fireworks but will they catch the stalker in time?

Did you have fun writing this book?
I loved telling Rayna and Josh’s story because they are so much fun. These two love to verbally spar with one another and even I wondered at times if the chemistry sparks that flew around these two were ever going to catch flame and burn. While they are busy snarking with one another, there is a madman on the loose. The problem is what few clues he’s left behind lead … where.

What genre is it?
Suspense Mystery Romance Comedy Chick Lit.

What would you say are the essential ingredients of great chick lit?
Chick Lit must be funny, it should have elements of realism where readers can identify with the characters.   Chick Lit must have an independent, or neurotic, female lead.  

Is there a book out there that Finding Trouble is reminiscent of?
Mr Perfect by Linda Howard – Finding Trouble dishes out a lot of humor as well as suspense.  In addition our hero’s sort of share the “I’m Tarzan, You Jane” mentality for most of the novel.

How long did it take to write?
Oh my – this one took six months to put on paper but the editing process took a very long time.

What was the most challenging part of the process?
This was the first time I tackled the suspense genre. It was a little tricky. I had to come up with unique twists and turns while sticking with my idea of how I wanted the story to be told. I learned a lot about suspense with this novel and I relate it to a maze. The maze can’t be too easy. At the same time it can’t be so overly complicated that it leaves people wondering what they just read. Last but not least the obstacles that close the door on parts of your maze have to be believable obstacles or the whole thing falls apart.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am an avid reader. I read everything I can get my hands on – even product labels. I hate not having a book in my hands. I put off electronic reading for a long time but once I got the Kindle for Christmas last year, I have grown attached. It now travels everywhere with me. So much easier to sneak in a quick, sexy read to make the dentist office less painful when your dentist isn’t looking at the bodice ripper cover with a raised eyebrow.

I’m also the owner of a husband. I mean I’m married. We don’t own one another, I promise. I’m the mother of one. He’s been my biggest blessing, my best accomplishment, and my migraines for thirteen years now. I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

Have you been tempted to write a bodice ripper yourself?
I have written bodice rippers! I used to write erotica regularly so I might have taken bodice ripper to an extreme?  Have no fear I haven’t unleashed all of them on the general public.  Sometimes a girl has to keep her literature boobs covered.

We’d love to read them. Where can we read more of your work?

You can follow me on Twitter but I don’t remember to hang out there very much.  It’s a tad confusing and I’m still trying to learn. @KathrynEdgar

Where can we buy your book?
Amazon ( US , UK ).

What’s next? One of those bodice rippers, perhaps?
A break? No I always have two or three projects going on in the writing world and I dabble with each one for a little bit after I finish a novel. Eventually in a few months time one of them is haunting me more annoyingly than the others to be finished so I begin to focus. I’m pretty sure my next romance is going to involve a horse, a football, and a crazy wife.

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