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Interview with R. L. Kiser, author of Educated Injun



Tell us about Educated Injun

EDUCATED INJUN is an unusual western that’s more about the characters than just cowboys n’ indians. In the late 1800s Tyrone Narrowhawk (Hawk) was mentored by a powerful judge in Denver who sent him to college (Harvard law degree) in the hopes of installing him in the Bureau of Indian Affairs. However, they didn’t want an Indian messing in their affairs. The judge makes him a full U.S. Marshal and sent him covertly into the western territories to undo evil deeds. He loves messing with his 6’2″ cowboy partner’s head, good naturedly. They pursue some pretty clever criminals from the Nevada desert to San Francisco to Denver and back again all the way into the harbor.

What genre is it?
Fiction. Westerns. Adventure.

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
Adults, Young Adults, Men’s adventure. It’s as much adventure as anything. With a liberal sprinkling of humor. Anyone that wants to read a good story.

How long did Educated Injun take to write?
I must have been at this of and on for a couple of years. I lost the original draft while writing the second one and had to start over. This was my first full length “completed” novel. There are now eleven completed or in process.

Eleven? Wow. What was the most challenging part of the creative process?
Sticking to it. Short stories come easy, but doing a novel requires really intense discipline. I don’t follow any particular “writer’s pattern”. I don’t do an outline first. The idea just came to me and I started writing. I make notes when those ideas flash by as to where the story is going. Sometimes the muse goes away and time passes before the next part of the story comes to me. It’s been that way with the eleven I’ve written.

So tell us, just who is R. L. Kiser?
R.L. Kiser is a disabled Navy veteran who first started writing fiction at age 14, but then life got in the way. Born in Idaho, raised in Arizona, grew up in Los Angeles he’s been a musician, a taxi driver in Hollywood, a computer programmer, a single parent, an internet marketer, and is a self-published author. He holds an associate’s degree in computer science from LACC. Now his gift with the written word has generated ideas and characters for his novels covering four different genres; Westerns, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Tuff Guy Action-Adventure. His books are available in print and as eBooks. He currently resides in Reno, Nevada.

We don’t know if you can find the time in between writing so many books, but do you have a blog?
I not really into “blogging”. I can’t just babble on. So I haven’t quite figured out how to “blog”.

Where can we buy your book?

What’s next?
The second Merle and Hawk adventure is published. Chicago Chase. I introduced a new imminently likeable character in the form of an old long-past-retirement but resourceful and feisty Deputy Marshal named Pike Winslow. The third book, How Do You Steal A Tree? is only half-written. I’m working on too many other things at the moment. But it’s “coming soon”, as soon as I get a round tuit.


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