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Interview with Sarah Dicello, author of As I Wake



Tell us about As I Wake

My new novel, As I Wake, is the second in the Breaking Fate series. It is a new adult novel (I’ve just recently discovered this new genre and both of my books seem to fit into this category) with a historical romance/time-travel twist.

In my first book, As I Close My Eyes , readers were introduced to Danielle (Dani) Grayson, my main character who can travel back in time in her sleep. As I Wake is a continuation of her travels to another time-period, 1920s New Orleans during the prohibition. In As I Close My Eyes, Dani is unsure of why she possesses this gift but the truth is revealed in the sequel.

How does Dani travel back in time –  physically or does she simply see the past?
That’s a hard question to answer. She’s traveling in her sleep and while everything around her seems so real, she really is just dreaming about it.

What genre is this book?
My first book was classified as a young adult historical romance novel but now that the “new adult” genre has come about, I believe both of my books are geared more towards the 18+ age range and should be in this category. I have a lot of fans who are in college and others in their late twenties and early thirties.

What is the New Adult genre?
The term actually goes back to 2009 but I’m just starting to see this genre take hold in the publishing world within the last few months. They’re sort of coming-of-age books with characters who are classified as adults (18+) who are trying to find their way in life. It’s intended to be a crossover for people who really like reading young-adult novels and typically appeal to readers 18 to 30s.

So this is the kind of readers the book will appeal to?
Many of my fans are young moms or young women in college with some who have just graduated. Then again, they also seem to appeal to people who never read anything in the young adult or new adult genre before who are 40+. I also have a following on Goodreads of fans who enjoyed the Twilight Series. So basically, if you’re a woman eighteen or older I think you’ll really like the Breaking Fate series.

How long did it take to write?
My first novel took me a long time because I learned so much along the way. I started writing it in 2011 but it wasn’t published until June 2012. The sequel, As I Wake, just came out in December 2012 and that took me about four months from start to finish.

So should we read As I Close My Eyes before this book?
Yes, absolutely. I think readers would be a bit confused if they picked up with As I Wake. I’ve been told the sequel can stand on its own but you get a sense of the backgrounds of the characters and how Dani came to possess the gift of time-travel. I’ve been told by many people who don’t normally read books like this that I’ve made her gift very believable.

What was the most challenging part of making that happen?
I’m my biggest critic so perfecting the sequel was very important to me. I wanted it to be perfect. So far I’ve received all four and five-stars on Amazon and Goodreads so I guess I achieved my goal. Still, I think I could go back and rewrite almost every paragraph in both of my books. I’m always finding new ways to write what I’m thinking. Maybe every author is that way. At some point I just had to stop reading it.

Tell us a bit more about yourself.
I’m a thirty-something mom living in Pennsylvania with my husband, two daughters, and two dogs. I’m actually going back to school for my Masters in Publishing because I find this line of work completely fascinating. The publishing world is so different from what it was 10 years ago and I’m so happy to be a part of it as an author.

Have you got a blog where readers can keep up with your work?
Yes, it’s

Can we follow you on Facebook and / or Twitter?
Either. I tend to do more with Facebook at the moment but it’s getting more and more routine for me to check Twitter and Tweet. 
Twitter: @sdicello.

What’s next?
The third book in the series. I think every book I write will get easier in a lot of ways but more difficult in others. I just want each one to be better than the one before it.


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