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Interview with James Bannon, author of i2


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Tell us about i2.
A biosoftware engineer learns he’s dying of cancer and uploads his mind into an unborn child in the hopes that he can start a new life and ultimately be with the woman he loves.  Of course, it all goes wrong.

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
The answer is surprising.  Despite the future technology involved in the set up, this book is most accurately a mystery-thriller and appeals to people who want a page-turner with an exciting and unexpected storyline but also something thought provoking and psychological.  In fact, there was a learning curve behind this.  I originally positioned it as SF and got a moderate response.  Many readers who identify themselves with that genre are interested in fantasy, distant future, alien world and extraterrestrial species experiences etc.  Their overwhelming interest in hardcore scifi wasn’t driving them to this book.  Once I positioned i2 correctly, under mystery/thrillers I got readers who belonged with this book.  The response since then has been extremely positive and surprisingly strong.  One of the comments I have often heard from my readers is:  “I don’t like science fiction, but I really loved this book.”  That said, many science fiction fans who have broader interests do like i2 as well. 

Complete this sentence for us:  If you like__________________, you’ll love i2.
A great story truly unlike any you have ever read.

Tell us a bit more about Edward Frame, and the person he later becomes.
Dr. Frame starts out as a highly-driven, professionally focused individual.  This all sounds good, but his family, his children and his soul suffer from this single-minded focus.  He then embarks on this twisted odyssey, inside a new body, the body of a child, and over time becomes something quite different.  If I told you anymore I’d be giving away the many surprises.

Tell us a big about yourself. You travel the world, speak multiple languages and work in Hollywood.  We’re jealous!
Well, the fact is I enjoy what I do and I’m curious about life.  Everything.  My hunger for new knowledge and new experiences is endless.  I feel like we’re given a limited time on this earth to take it all in and I’m going to give it my best.

Have you got a website where readers can keep up with your work?  How can we follow you on Facebook and/or Twitter.
I do have a Facebook page and truth is I haven’t posted in awhile but I intend to get better at that.   With Twitter as well.   Let’s see how I do.  Ha!

Where can we buy i2?
Currently, you can buy i2 exclusively on Amazon  in ebook form or paperback.  It was available for sale on Barnes & Noble and Apple’s ibooks, but I took them off those sites temporarily to take advantage of some special promotions Amazon was offering.   I2 will most likely go back onsale on B&N and ibooks sometimes in the future.

What’s next?
For right now, a screenplay.  And after that..?    Just might be the sequel to i2!

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