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Interview with Jen Estes, author of Double Play


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Tell us about Double Play
DOUBLE PLAY is the third book in the Cat McDaniel Mystery Series.  It takes Cat back to Buffalo to report full-time for the playoffs.  Just as she’s getting comfortable with a new city and a new fiance, her half-brother/full-bother shows up on her doorstep.  It doesn’t take her long to figure out that he’s gambling from her guest futon, especially when  her team’s innings become his fat winnings. As the long shots turn into locks and hundreds turn into thousands, Cat’s curiosity steps up to the plate. Between the betting lines, she finds greedy gamesters, desperate ballplayers and an enterprising bookie looking to raise the stakes.

What genre is it?
DOUBLE PLAY, along with BIG LEAGUES and CURVEBALL, are cozy mysteries and given my lead’s affinity for designer footwear, they also fall under chick-lit.

Tell us a little about the other books in the series.
There are two other books in the Cat McDaniel Series.  BIG LEAGUES introduces Cat to the world of professional baseball and CURVEBALL shows her just how deep corruption can run.

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
Not surprisingly, my biggest readers are also baseball fans.   I definitely utilize creative licensing (i.e. my teams are all fictional) and while readers don’t need a rulebook, ballhawks do appreciate the setting. 

Complete this sentence for us: if you like _________________, you’ll love Double Play.
If you like an underdog, you’ll love my book.  Cat’s world is all about competition and where there’s competition, there’s greed, fraudulence, corruption, exploitation… and then there’s Cat.  She still looks at baseball through t-ball lenses, seeing it as this pure and wholesome pastime – and she’s determined to make it just that.  It’s an uphill climb.

How would you like the reader to feel as they read the last word of your book?
Like they just finished watching their team take the World Series.  Is that expecting too much?

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I began writing as a baseball blogger in 2007 and got the idea for my first book after baseball season ended just a little too soon.  (Yes, I’m a Cubs fan.)  When I’m not writing or watching baseball, I love playing with my cats, practicing yoga and all things sci-fi. 

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?
Yes!  Please visit my website at

How can we follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook?
I love to tweet and you can follow me @jenestesdotcom.
I’m also on Facebook at

What’s next?
The fourth book in the series is currently in progress to be released late 2013.  It takes Cat back to Southern California, where her career got started, and gives her a taste of You Can’t Go Home Again.

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