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Interview with Laurie Hanan, author of Another Day in Paradise

Laurie Hanan Another Day in Paradise

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Tell us about Another Day in Paradise.
Dog nappings have doubled on O`ahu over the past year. Brazen thefts of beloved pets from their homes have the community on edge. A beautiful, mysterious Chinese actress is distraught when her Pomeranian is stolen. Mail carrier Louise Golden finds the missing
pooch, only to learn the actress is suddenly gone, with her belongings.

Dogs are disappearing. Street people are being abducted by aliens—or so claims Louise’s homeless friend, Frankie. Clues point in different directions. Nothing adds up. A masked man appears out of nowhere and warns Louise to mind her own business. What did he mean?

Everyone is a suspect: her boyfriend who tells stories for a living, the ex lover who once betrayed her, the acting coach skilled in the art of deception, the shameless stalker in the yellow Tweety Bird van. At the polo field, tempers flare. Someone’s bound to get hurt.

Things heat up for Louise, as well, when a sexy Brazilian polo player befriends her. Is he truly a friend, or a rake intent on seducing vulnerable women? Can Louise even trust her own spiritual awakening to help her find a path to understanding—or is she faking it and
running blindly to a dead end? What will she do when she comes face to face with her greatest fears?

What genre is it?

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
It will have a wide appeal, not only to mystery fans. Anyone who loves action,
romance, humor, children, animals, and Hawaii will enjoy the Louise Golden mystery series. While all my books contain adult situations, there is no swearing, graphic violence, or explicit sex. They’re suitable to all audiences over 15 or so.

Complete this sentence for us: if you like ___________, then you’ll love the Louise Golden mysteries.
Fun mysteries.

This is a series, right? How much catching up do we have to do?
I have written two books prior to this one, both with the same main character. They are entitled ALMOST PARADISE and HOW FAR IS HEAVEN?

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I grew up in the picturesque islands of the South Pacific. My father pioneered air
travel to many of the tiny islands, and I often accompanied him on his flights. I studied photography and dance at the University of Washington, where I discovered an interest in Jewish Studies, Hebrew, and Middle Eastern dance. I moved to Israel to pursue these subjects and earned my keep by working in the cotton fields of the Jezreel Valley. I moved to London, then lived in several European countries before returning to Israel. It was on this second trip to Israel that I met the love of my life. We eloped and were married in Cyprus. We spent time exploring the Far East, before settling in Hawaii. I had a career with the Postal Service and raised three children. In 2006 I retired and started writing the Louise Golden mystery series. I currently live on Oahu with my husband and two youngest children. My royalties go toward animal rescue and promoting animal rights.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?

How can we follow you on social media?

What’s next?
I’m working on the fourth book in the series entitled, STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN.

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