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Interview with Catherine Taylor, author of The Finest Line


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The Finest Line is the love story of two unusual people; Mairead, a potential Olympic gymnast and James, her chauffeur/bodyguard. As an ex-soldier of the British Army, James is disciplined, calm and authoritative, the complete opposite to the very wild Mairead, who is much attracted to him. His presence seems to inspire her to dangerous escapades, in which she fantasizes about his reactions to her behaviour, fantasies of being dominated and disciplined. Ashamed and confused by her sexual nature, she has tried to suppress it, but eventually it is James who helps her to unleash it. Their relationship promises to bloom until Mairead’s past comes back to haunt her in the shape of a man who also has intimate knowledge of her, and threatens to use it against her. Mairead wants to make choices of what is best for everyone around her, but her immaturity is her own worse enemy. As she tries to do right, she finds herself in deeper trouble than she has ever been, and must find a way to redeem herself, even if it means losing the man she loves.

What genre is it?
The Finest Line is an erotic romance. It is indeed a love story, but romance is not always about flowers and chocolates. Mairead and James share desires of physical discipline, domination and submission, and sometimes it gets rough. It is all consensual and their unique way of loving each other.

Erotica tends to come in series. Is The Finest Line a stand-alone book?
The Finest Line is a full length novel and doesn’t end on a cliffhanger. It is the first of The Line Trilogy, but each book has a conclusive ending.

What kind of readers will the trilogy appeal to?
Readers of erotica will enjoy The Finest Line, but anyone who likes their romance a little sexually explicit, will also have a good read. The language of the book is graphic and contains BDSM elements, but it is woven around an unusual plot and has plenty of adventure, thrills and suspense.

Complete this sentence for us: if you like _________________, you’ll love The Line Trilogy.
If you like an unusual plot with a few twists, an alpha male and a slightly crazy and frustrating heroine, you’ll love my book.

How does the series continue?
I have written the follow up novel to the The Finest Line, called A Line Crossed.

And how does the series end?
I’m very excited to announce the release of the third of this trilogy in May (2013). At 120,000 words, it the conclusion of The Line Trilogy.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a New Zealand author, with a Bachelor in Media Arts and a Diploma of Acting. Writing has been a passion since I was a child and I have several unpublished novels which I plan to revisit. My writing is not limited to books, and I have written several screenplays and produced some short films. I have been part of the film industry for several years, on both sides of the camera. The inspiration for my writing is also drawn from many years of social work, where I have learnt much about the complexity of people and been given an education about life. My only family, a husband of thirty years, four children and a grandchild have also taught me a thing or two.

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