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Interview with Michael Poeltl, author of The Judas Syndrome Trilogy


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The Judas Syndrome Trilogy compilation

Included are all three books of this epic coming of age tale, told at the end of an age.
THE JUDAS SYNDROME In a world devastated by an apocalyptic event, the bonds of friendship are tested in the haze of unrelenting depression, and paranoia. Will you know who your friends are?

REBIRTH A year into a post-apocalyptic existence, where friendships disintegrate and new enemies emerge; talk of destiny fulfilled through a child offers salvation. Could you believe?

REVELATION The dystopian landscape of The Judas Syndrome finds hope in the second generation born into the aftermath of an apocalyptic event. Armageddon approaches, will you be ready?

What genre is it?
Apocalyptic/Dsytopian/Paranormal/Coming of age

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
Those looking for a dark read that encompasses themes like the paranormal, apocalypse and spiritual understanding.

Tell us a bit more about your main character(s)
Throughout the trilogy there are three main characters. One voice per book. Joel, the teenage protagonist in book one is plagued by anxiety over the end which is eluded to him by a spirit. The second book continues through the voice of Sara, a strong female lead and Joel’s girlfriend who has their child and must navigate the apocalypse alone. Book three is told by the prodigal son of Joel and Sara, Leif, who confers with Joel’s spirit, Blankman, bringing this epic trilogy to a surprising end.

Complete this sentence for us: if you like _________________, you’ll love The Judas Syndrome Trilogy .
If you like dystopian, apocalyptic and /or paranormal fiction, The Judas Syndrome fits in each category nicely.

Have you written any other books that we should read next?
Her Past’s Present is a paranormal novel about past lives. Available in summer 2013, through Amazon in both print and kindle.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Who is Michael Poeltl?
With an interest in the paranormal as well as science, Poeltl has found his stride in developing stories which both instill a sense of wonder in the spiritual world while often referencing science and its hard fought principles as the paranormal’s greatest advocate. This mixing of strange bedfellows reveals the lengths Poeltl will go to tell a story, researching both seemingly opposing worlds, finding their common bonds, stitching them together and telling a unique tale which is all at once captivating, enlightening and recited in a fast-paced, character driven storyline.

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What’s next?
I think a tale about a group of young lives and the bonds that kept them close, or the events that tore them apart.

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