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Interview with Tarryn Fisher, author of The Love Me With Lies series

The Thief Tarryn Fisher

Tell us about the Love Me With Lies series and the novels in it.
Well, so far there are two books and I am working on the third. The first is The Opportunist, which about a girl who gets a second chance with the love of her life after he gets into an accident and loses his memory. They have a lot of shadiness in their past and for most of the book you’re questioning if this second chance is even a good thing. I think there is a lot of yearning and sadness, though I sprinkle my dry humor throughout.

Dirty Red is a character study. It spins from The Opportunist, but has a very different tone. You’re reading a book straight from the villain.

What genre is it?

I would say Women’s Fiction, actually. I wouldn’t call it romance or even New Adult since it starts in college and spans out through their lives.

Tell us about the three central characters, Olivia, Caleb and Leah.  What kind of people are they?Dirty Red Tarryn Fisher

They are all villains in their own right. I like to write books about interesting people, not goody- two -shoes who always do the right thing. These are the people who do what you secretly want to do.

What can you tell us about Book 3 in the series. What’s it called? When will we get our hands on it? How much of the story can you tell us?

Thief is from Caleb’s perspective. There is no set publication date, but who knows. Maybe I’ll just drop it one day and surprise everyone.

How hard is it to write from the POV of Caleb, a man?

It’s not hard. Everyone says I have a man’s personality, soooo…

All authors read their reviews, even if some deny it. What’s been the most memorable review you’ve read of either The Opportunist or Dirty Red?

One of the first reviews I received for The Opportunist was by a Goodreads reviewer named Calia Read, who has now gone on to publish a book. I remember reading it at three in the morning and laughing so hard.  She claims that she went through the seven stages of grief after reading the book. I love that woman.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am nocturnal; I hardly ever sleep.  I am a picky reader. I like beautiful sentences and unique voices. I do snack on frozen peas. I am a good listener, it’s why I understand human nature as well as I do. I am rotten to my very core.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work? I am on Facebook constantly though. And there is a secret group where I drop teasers and consult with my readers about writing decisions. But, it’s kind of hard getting in.

In that case, what about Twitter?

My twitter handle is @tarryn__fisher (double underscore)

What’s next?

Lots and lots of writing. I will never stop. It’s write or die for me

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