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Interview with Sandi Lynn, author of Forever You


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The last time we talked was about Forever Black. Tell us about this sequel.
Forever You is a Forever Black Novel which is told from Connor Black’s point of view. We took the journey of love, courage, and strength through the eyes of Ellery in Forever Black, now it’s time to take the same journey through the eyes of Connor Black.

If this is the same story as Forever Black from a different point of view, does it matter which novel we read first?
The first half of the the book is the same story as Forever Black told from Connor’s POV. We get see and feel his reactions and emotions to things that happened in the first book.  The difference in Forever You is that once Forever Black is retold, I’ve added new and additional scenes that we didn’t get to see in Forever Black. We get to see their wedding, Ellery’s last test results, her and Connor’s reaction when she gets pregnant and cute little dates the two of them go on.

For anyone who hasn’t yet read Forever Black, tell us who Connor Black is. Also, reintroduce us to Ellery Lane.Forever-Black Sandi Lynn
Connor Black is your hot and sexy millionaire who has been emotionally damaged from a personal tragedy that happened when he was 18 years old. He has vowed never to fall in love or become emotionally attached to any woman.  Ellery Lane is a free spirit who takes on a career as an artist and has a deep secret that could hurt the people in her life. The two of them meet by accident and both their lives change forever.

What genre is this book? 

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
The Forever Trilogy will appeal mostly to romance readers. I’ve had readers as young as 14 years old and and as old as 70 years read the books.

What can you tell us about Forever Us, the final book in the trilogy?
The story of Connor and Ellery Black continues in the last book of the Forever Black Trilogy: Forever Us.

You took Connor & Ellery’s journey of love, courage and strength as Ellery’s illness threatened their future in Forever Black. You continued their journey in Forever You through the eyes of Connor Black as you watched them get their happily ever after through marriage and planning for their first child.

Join Connor & Ellery once again as they face the challenges of parenthood. Take their journey as they learn to cope with the demands of a new baby, a demanding career and the onset of a new challenge in which Ellery must come face to face with for the sake of her family.

Forever You has been an amazing success – it made the New York Times bestseller list! What has been your favourite review so far?
I have a lot of favorite reviews of Forever You. My favorites are when readers say how much they loved reading it from Connor’s point of view and how all their questions they had from Forever Black were answered. I love the reviews when the readers say they didn’t think it was possible to fall in love with Connor even more than they already did. And last, my favorite reviews are the ones that thank me for making the book different than just the typical retell of the same story.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am a wife and the mother of 3 teenage daughters. I recently quit my job to stay home and become a full-time writer. I have a severe coffee addiction and you can usually find me hanging out at the local Starbucks with my laptop!

Have you got a website where we can keep up with your work?

How can we follow you on social media?

You said to us that after the Forever trilogy you’ll start work on a novel named Love In Between.  Is this still the plan? Can you tell us what the story will be?
There’s been a change in plans with the books. Love In Between will be releasing on September 5, 2013. Forever Us will be releasing in November. Both books will be available for pre-order on Amazon.

Here is the synopsis for Love In Between, releasing on September 5th.

My name is Lily Gilmore, and I was supposed to be getting married today. That was until I found my fiancé having sex with my sister in the church moments before I was supposed to walk down the aisle. I grew up with a father who was a womanizer and cheated on my mother every moment he had the chance. He would even stoop as low as to take me and my sister with him on his trysts when we were younger. Cheating was all I grew up with, and I vowed never to live the life my mother did. After finding my fiancé and my sister together, I moved from Seattle to Santa Monica to start a new life of independence and to focus on my passion for photography, man-free.

My name is Luke Matthews. About a year ago, I lost the love of my life, my fiancé, in a tragic car accident. There are no words that can describe how I’ve felt the past year.  My life and all my dreams had died with her in the accident. I exist, and I play my guitar to try and ease the pain. My love was taken away, and I will never get that back.

What happens when the lives of two people who no longer believe in love are suddenly changed by fate?

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