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Interview with Hannah Gordon, author of The Vu


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The Vu is set in my hometown of Tulsa, OK. It details the journey of a young woman named Sabella Hall who was adopted and has no recollection of her past before the age of 5. She finds herself being followed by a person who appears to be nothing more than a shadow. As if this isn’t enough to freak out the average person, she find herself “Manifesting.” That is, a hidden ability within herself activating with the visit of her future mentor Jonathan Turner. He leads her to a warehouse wherein she meets an entire coven called the Vu. Everyone there has a manifested ability. They live, train, and cultivate friendships inside those walls. When Sabella finds her memory starting to slowly return in the form of dreams, she finds that there is much more to the shadow man than she ever thought possible.

What genre is it?
Urban fantasy.

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
The Vu will appeal to readers from age 16 to adult. It has received rave reviews from readers of a variety of ages, although it is certainly not meant for children.

Complete this sentence for us: if you like _________________, you’ll love The Vu.
If you like stories about overcoming the odds and dealing with one’s past, you’ll love my book.

Tell us a bit more about Sabella.
Sabella Hall is the adopted daughter of the governor of Oklahoma. She is a child of privilege yet was not always so. She has trauma-induced amnesia, but until her memories begin to return it never bothered her. She is the girl next door who turns out to be more than average.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am Hannah Gordon and I am a full time college student, mother of seven children, happily married wife, and unceasingly imaginative soul.

How can we find you on the Internet?

What about social media?
Twitter: @hannahgordon0.

What’s next?
A new fantasy story that is currently in the works. Later this year I will also start work on a sequel to The Vu.

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