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Interview with Chris Page Jones, author of Accidental Justice


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ACCIDENTAL JUSTICE lets you follow the lives of Harris and Fraser, two basically decent individuals cast adrift to cope as best they can. Harris is a lost angry soul who wants a little bit of justice – an ordinary man hiding dark secrets … he gets his revenge, and develops a taste for it. He starts planning accidents for other ‘respectable’ villains.

Fraser is about to be invalided out of the army, where he has worked hard to ignore the fact that he doesn’t really have a life. Fraser gets lucky and is offered a chance to lead a team targeting cross-border crime. One of Fraser’s ‘persons-of-interest’ dies before he can be arrested and Fraser sends the beautiful, ruthless Kathy Bennett to confirm that the death is due to accidental causes.

Scenes are set in France – Alsace, the Loire and Cognac Country as well as in  the U.K. – Birmingham, Chester, Lancaster and on the Staffordshire canals.

What genre is it?
Readers have described it as a THRILLER or as a MYSTERY.

What kind of readers has it appealed to?
It has been well reviewed by all ages and both sexes. It appeals to readers who enjoy a good imagination, a little humour and a well constructed story-line with unexpected twists and turns. In-depth descriptions of characters  and places involved add strength to the story.

What do readers say about the book?
A book to give Lee Childs, Dan Brown and Sam Bourne a run for their money [according to my Amazon reviewers].

That’s high praise indeed. Tell us about the main character.
I think Harris came from a reaction to issues like the scandal over MPs’ expenses. A frustration that the ordinary person in the street doesn’t get a greal deal in life. Anger has been building inside Harris, one of the main characters in the story, for a very long time. He is a thoroughly decent, ordinary guy, but finally he realises that no-one else is going to make life fairer – he is going to have to do it for himself.

Have you written any other books that we should read next?
Accidental Justice is my first book.

Almost ready for publication I have “Pots, Clocks and Clues”, the first in the Diamond Detective Agency series. This is a story for 8 to 12 year olds and everyone else who can believe that a detective agency can be staffed by a human, a cat and a dog. This is in its final rewrite and I hope to have it ready for publication from August 2013.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I was brought up in a small town in Mid-Wales where everyone knew everyone else. Then it was the sort of town where once you had received confirmation of your A Levels a small armed posse took you to the edge of town and sent you away. I knew that once equipped with a degree in something or other there was no way back! The number of graduate jobs in town was limited and they were all taken!

From my earliest years I was an avid reader. On wet days in the holidays [not that rare in Mid-Wales] I used to borrow books from the local library in the morning and return late afternoon to change them.

My working life has not been as varied as I would have liked. I spent a while after uni as a transplant surgeon operating on fruit machines before going into education when you were allowed to educate kids without someone dictating to you the rigid requirements of an excellent or outstanding lesson [this was before the word satisfactory came to mean unsatisfactory].

I’ve spent my life watching people interact. I’ve seen how the strong manipulate the weak and how the weak sometimes get their own back. I bring this and my love of stories to my writing.

I now live in SW France, where for the last 5 years I have written almost every morning.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?
Not yet but working on an Author Central page on Amazon.

How can we follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook?
I am in process of setting up a Facebook page.

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  1. Chris Page Jones

    Many thanks for the interview and the opportunity to share my book with readers of your pages. It is very much appreciated.
    Chris Page Jones

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