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Interview with James Kafka, author of Warfolkan


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My new book is titled Warfolkan. The first two chapters set the plot, and then it hints at being a coming of age story. But in time it develops into more of a good old fashion D&D adventure with numerous characters, action, mystery, romance, and multiple plot twist.

It is definitely a read that will make you wonder what could possibly happen next, and keep the pages turning.

There is magic, elves, dwarves, and wild off-the-cuff type creatures, but I would have to say it is more about the characters then the backdrop of the world.

I also employed insinuated sex, instead of graphic scenes, kind of like an old 1950 style type movies. I prefer to let the reader use their imagination.

We’re a bit confused now. Sounds like there’s so much packed into the book. What genre is it?
The book is a fantasy adventure, but it has a little bit of everything to attract all types of readers if they are willing to look beyond the fantasy angle.

But mostly men, right, since that’s who fantasy traditionally appeals to.
Oddly, from many of the beta-readers, it appealed to women equally as much as it appealed to the men, and even for people that didn’t care for Fantasy.

Who is the main character?
Wajue (main character) is the embodiment of how hard it is to grow up and be an adult. He faces hard choices at every turn. He also learns that dealing with women is an extremely challenging task. I had 4 sisters and no brothers, so I have experience in that area. In the end he has to face the consequences of his actions no matter the cost.

Tell us more about yourself.
Married for 34yrs+, 4 children, served 12yrs in the United States Air Force, and grew up in a small steel town just outside of St. Louis. 4 sisters, all with unique personalities. I have had multiple jobs over the years, but after our children grew up and moved away, I turned to the one thing I always wanted to do, writing books.

What does Warfolkan mean?
The word (Warfolkan) I came up with over 30yrs ago while I was playing D&D, and I slowly began building a world around it. I made a map first, and then started building characters to occupy every single town. I have even DM’d several D&D adventures from the world I created.  I have approx. 20,000 characters created, so I have a vast pool to choose from for many more books to come.

How can we follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook?
twitter @james_kafka

What’s next?
Hopefully a long career of writing.  Currently working on the next book.

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