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Interview with Farid-ul-Haq, author of Colville – The Secret


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Colville – The Secret‘ is a story about four teenage friends, Anya, Susan, Eric and Carl who decide to explore the local caves during the summer break. However, this leads them to a situation that requires all their strength to come out alive. A series of murders occur and the victims seem to be drained of blood. Anya and her friends try to find the person, or thing, that’s responsible, but little do they know that it’s all a well-set trap. Loyalties will be tested and trust will be broken as the friends unveil a secret connected to one of their bloodlines and how it will impact the world they live in.

What genre is it?
Colville – The Secret falls under the genre’s of Mystery, Thriller and Supernatural.

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
Anyone who is interested in reading a thriller that has supernatural or paranormal elements in it will enjoy this book. Also readers who want something different from the whole ‘Vampire boyfriend’ stories should find Colville – The Secret appealing as well. Readers who want to see how deadly and manipulative these supernatural creatures can be should read it.

Tell us a little about the main character.
The story mostly revolves around a teenage girl named Anya. She is an only child. She is curious, likes to hangout with her friends and like other teenagers, is interested in boys. However, the events soon teach her that she needs to be brave in order to save her friends.

Have you written any other books that we should read next?
You can check out ‘Colville – The Swamp‘ which continues the story. New characters are introduced and Anya and her friends are back in high school. There’s also a curse that’s hundreds of years old as well as zombies.

Anything else?
You can also give ‘Somerville Mysteries – The Missing‘ a read which tells the story of a bisexual teenage boy named Jerry as he tries to handle high school drama and solve a dangerous case of a missing woman only to find out that something bigger is at play.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Farid-ul-Haq and I am currently a 22 year old writer from Pakistan. I like to read, play video games and share my stories with the world.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?
A friend of mine has a blog that has information about the books I have written

What about Twitter?

What’s next?
Time will tell.

Though I do plan on writing book 3 in the Colville series or maybe book 2 in the ‘Somerville Mysteries’ series.

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  2. Roxxane Rock

    I read ‘Colville-The Secret’ about a week ago. Got to know about it on Twitter. It was something different. The thing i liked about it was that it’s fast-paced and there a lot of dialogue between the friends. Which i liked. I like when characters interact with each other. And it’s also not quite long. An enjoyable read if you have a few hours.

    Indie Author Land is amazing at what it does. Providing a platform for other authors. I enjoy knowing about the titles on here and look forward to their archive growing.

    • Farid-ul-Haq

      I am so glad you liked reading ‘Colville-The Secret’. Have you read ‘Colville-The Swamp’ yet :) . Book 3 ‘Colville – The Cold’ will be out in about two weeks as well !!

      And yes, Indie Author Land is amazing!

  3. Farid-ul-Haq

    Just and update that Book 3 in the ‘Colville’ series is out as well….

    Colville-The Cold…you can get it from Amazon, Barnes&Nobles etc on Kindle, Nook, Kobo…Enjoy :)

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