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Interview with Eden Ashley, author of Dark Siren


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Dark Siren is a love story. It’s a journey of redemption and second chances as two characters come to accept that sometimes, great evil is necessary to keep what is loved most.

The Pitch:

To survive, their bond must be unbreakable.

When the mysterious and passionate Rhane rescues Kali from an attacker in the theater parking lot, they form an immediate, smoldering connection. But Kali doesn’t remember Rhane or anything from their past. As far as Kali knows, she’s just a seventeen-year-old kid coping with an insatiable hunger for the “spark” or energy of others, feeding on classmates to survive.

A unique artifact—one that may hold the key to returning Kali’s memories—is uncovered by the archaeology firm where she works part-time, sending Kali and Rhane on a dangerous journey that leads them to the Forbidden City, into the unforgiving Gobi, and into the ruins of Rhane’s ancient homeland. As they fight for survival, Kali begins to discover who she really is and the true power she possesses. But Rhane still harbors a secret that could destroy Kali…unless old enemies kill her first.

What genre is it?
Young Adult Paranormal Romance.

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
Anyone who enjoys reading stories with strong romantic tension and who like their paranormal with a little action and suspense will love this story – whether young adult or adult.

Tell us more about Dark Siren.
Dark Siren is narrated by two characters , Kali (short for Kalista) and Rhane.

When the story opens, Kali has already been dealing with the major downsides of her unique abilities for several years. So, it’s not the typical “I reached puberty and all I got was this stupid curse” kind of story. She’s coping, trying to lead a normal life, but she feels very much alone and freakish. She understands and accepts that she is different, she just doesn’t understand why. Her coming of age story is one for both creatures young and ancient.

Rhane has a whole different sort of baggage. He was a very important part of Kali’s life until something awful happened. They were separated for a very long time. Even after reuniting with Kali, Rhane continues to carry emotional scars that literally cripple him. While Kali doesn’t remember the past, Rhane has yet to come to terms with it.

Almost uniquely for this genre, this book has appealed to men as well as women. How have you managed that?
The manuscript was originally titled, The Siren’s Heart. But every guy who read it (they actually enjoyed it!) but thought the title, The Siren’s Heart, was a bit mushy. I agreed. So, I went for something darker. That something darker actually turned out to be the manuscript’s earlier working title.

Have you written any other books that we should read next?
I’ve finished the sequel! Well…it’s the first draft. I’ve still got tons of editing to do.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m one of those GRITS (Girls Raised In The South). We get a lot of sunshine, but it’s the thunderstorms that I love. They inspire me. My two favorite things in the whole world are cake and coffee and sleeping in. OK. Those were three things.

We’ll let you off. Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?

How can we follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook?

What’s next?
While I’m finishing the edits on the sequel to Dark Siren, I’m busy penning the third book in the untitled series (maybe…Of Blood and Bane?). There’s also a new adult novel I’m working on, unrelated to the current series.

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