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Interview with Marc A. Di Giacomo, author of In A Small Town


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In A Small Town, takes place in the fictional town of Hutchville, N.Y. The main character is Detective Matthew Longo, who gets shot at the beginning. As he recovers, Det. Longo is haunted by a series of post-traumatic dreams of dead bodies he observed earlier on in his career.

Detective Donny Mello is Matthew’s partner and mentor. While Matthew is recuperating from his gunshot wound, Donny Mello is attending his grandfather’s funeral in Italy. Let’s just say there is an organized crime presence throughout the story.

Det. Mello doesn’t play by the rules which causes significant stress within this small police department. No one is more effected than Matthew Longo. Detective Longo returns to work just in time for the stealthy arrival of Special Agent Cynthia Shyler of the F.B.I. She delivers a bombshell that rocks Matthew’s world. Det. Matthew Longo, along with the help of his kid brother, Police Officer Francis “Franny” Longo, must solve a vicious crime that shocks this small community to its core. This small town is no longer the safe haven it once was believed to be. Meanwhile, Donny Mello returns from Italy and is the target of a federal investigation.

Can Matthew help to protect his partner without giving up a secret so damaging, it may cost him his life?

What genre is this book?
crime fiction/thriller

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
Anyone who likes a good crime story. It is the perfect book for men looking for a quick, entertaining read. However, women have loved it and left amazing feedback. Also, it is rated R, no one under 17 should read this book.

Tell us a bit more about your main characters.
Originally, Detective Matthew Longo, the main character, was to be based on my police experience. As the book went on, Matthew becomes a seasoned veteran and gets himself into serious trouble. It becomes more clear to me that Matthew is a combination of me as a cop and my complete opposite. He is an awesome character to write because he is definitely part of me doing a job that I miss dearly.

Detective Donny Mello, is not your ordinary police officer. He tends to handle the “garbage” himself in a way that most wouldn’t believe possible. I want the reader to ask themselves, “Could a cop like that exist in a small town police department?” I am here to tell you that anything is possible in Hutchville, New York.

Police Officer Francis ‘Franny’ Longo is Matthew’s younger brother. Franny is a natural cop who has amazing investigative skills. When Matthew is forced to confide a secret in his little brother, Franny’s reaction completely shocks his older brother. Their relationship is tested as the book progresses.

Special Agent Cynthia Shyler of the F.B.I., arrives into the mix and instantly turns Matthew’s world upside down. She delivers a bombshell of information that causes even more anxiety for Matthew.

Have you written any other books that we should read next?
The sequel to this crime thriller will hopefully be released in the Fall of 2013.

Did you know that In A Small Town is the name of a really cool Pearl Jam song?
‘In A Small Town’ was chosen as my title based on the community I worked for as a police detective. It is also one of my favorite Pearl Jam songs.

You say you used to be a policeman?
I retired from police work in 2011 and write full-time. I currently live in New York with my wife and three amazing boys.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?

How can we follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook?
My twitter is @MarcADiGiacomo
My facebook author page is

What’s next?
I hope to have the sequel out in the Fall of 2013 and start a new book tour locally in my area. Check my website for further information.

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  1. David,
    Thank you so much for the interview and for all you do for us Independents. It is because of people like yourself, that us Indies, can be discovered. Keep up the great work.
    Marc DiGiacomo

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