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Interview with Megan Denby, author of A Thistle In The Mist


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As a small child I remember sitting on my great-grandmothers lap, mesmerized by the lilt of her Scottish burr as she regaled me with tales of her homeland. Years later, fascinated by the story of her life, I wove bits and pieces of Grandma into the essence of ‘A Thistle in the Mist‘. My story revolves around my spirited and courageous heroine, Meara MacDonald.

What is the story?
When Meara presses a kiss to her mother’s cheek, she has no idea it will be her last. Hours later she cradles Mother’s lifeless body, sticky blood drying on her fingers tips.

Feisty Meara MacDonald lives a charmed life on the mist-enfolded Isle of Skye, dreaming of the day she will wed her heart, the gallant Duncan MacLeod. When sinister family members arrive, Meara’s life spirals out of control as those she loves are taken, one-by-one. Unable to reign in her spirit or her tongue, Meara falls prey to an intricate web of lies and deception and finds herself catapulted from Scotland to Nova Scotia where she is forced to become an indentured servant. Driven by her strength of will, she will fight her way back to the remains of her family; her heart and soul.

Fraught with twists and turns and at times unbearable tragedy, ‘A Thistle in the Mist’ is a powerful story of deception and faith and the healing power of love.

What genre is it?
Difficult to fit into any genre, ‘A Thistle in the Mist’ is a Scottish historical fiction thriller touched with romance and a hint of the supernatural.

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
A Thistle in the Mist will appeal to realists and lovers of everything Scottish, including those who adore the lilting charm of the Scottish dialect. It is not a fluffy romance but a drama infused with heartbreaking tragedy and a love that transcends the depths of depravity and brings a healing restoration to a family almost destroyed.

Complete this sentence for us: if you like _________________, you’ll love my book.
I could never presume to compare it to another author’s work but my readers have compared it to Nora Roberts, Philippa Gregory and Diana Gabaldon.

Introduce us to your cast of characters.
Meara MacDonald is spirited, fiercely loyal, an animal-lover and she possesses a quirky sense of humour.

Duncan MacLeod is Meara’s betrothed. He is a well-respected officer of the 42nd regiment in the war against Napoleon. Duncan adores Meara and the tragedy he endured as a child has shaped him into the empathetic man he is.

Robert MacDonald is Meara’s father and laird of Duntulm Castle. When his wife is murdered, Robert is devastated and withdraws from his daughters.

Hannah MacDonald is Meara’s younger sister. Despite her beauty, Hannah lacks Meara’s spirit and her fragile demeanor makes her a target with tragic results.

Deirdre McBain is Meara’s aunt. Her miserable past has turned her into woman bent on revenge. Her thirst for the unattainable has dire consequences for the MacDonald clan.

Rabbie MacLean is the stable lad for Duntulm castle. He is loyal and devoted to his mistress, Meara, and will stand by her no matter what the cost.

How would you like the reader to feel as they read the last word of your book?
I would love my readers to feel a plethora of emotions ranging from relief to excitement to dread for what is to come. But most of all, I hope curiosity will compel my readers to seek out book two, ‘Lost to the Mist.’

There’s a book two? Yay. Tell us about it.
‘Lost to the Mist’ is the sequel to ‘A Thistle in the Mist’ and I hope to have it completed by the end of 2013. It revolves around the lives of Meara and Duncan with the reappearance of someone from their past.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am 47 years old and family, friends and writing are a vital part of who I am. Growing up on a farm amidst a family of six, I explored the back roads on my bike with my little brother. But once I discovered the world of books, I was lost, often reading to the wee hours of the morning. I am shy, yet love people and I possess a quirky sense of humour that often has my family shaking their heads.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?
Updated regularly with news on my books, my website is

How can we follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook?
Join me on Twitter @megan_denby or Facebook at

What’s next?
Once I complete, Lost to the Mist, I will see if a book three emerges. I also have a YA novel for teenage boys in the works and a contemporary thriller that I’ve just begun. Unfinished stories swirl in my head on a daily basis so who knows, I may even surprise myself.

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  1. connie hoover

    Megan Denby has written my favorite book of 2013 and I am so waiting for the sequel. I believe we will see a lot from this author in the future.

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