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Interview with J James, author of Denial, Deceit, Discovery


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The book is titled, “Denial, Deceit, Discovery” and it tells the story of the struggles in the life of Jack Ellis, a catholic guy deep in denial about his sexuality.

This denial is perpetuated by the denial of his family, loved ones and society as a whole. Unaware of the true extent of his feelings, Jack marries his sweetheart from High School. Through the thirteen year relationship Jack struggles to piece together the complex story of his sexuality, entering a world of deceit towards the end.  When Jack meets a handsome guy from the Internet he falls quickly and knows that this signals the end of his marriage. The break up is a heart-rending account of the pain and misery that Jack, his wife and loved ones face. Jack flees to Bangkok to start a new life with his gay lover but a world of greater deceit and discovery awaits them.  Another failed relationship and a complex of web of seedy encounters finally lands Jack in the arms of Nino who restores the believe in hope for homosexual men.

What genre is it?
The book is written in the style of a personal memoir but essentially is gay fiction. Jack ‘s life is inspired by many events experienced by myself but also the universal themes of honesty, personal growth and self-awareness transcend one person’s story.

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
The book was targeted at the gay community, particularly those men in denial of their own sexuality. However, it has appealed to the LGBT community as a whole and I also have a large female following. The book cover states: “Gay, straight or just confused; everyone will relate to this book on some level.”

Tell us a little more about Jack.
Jack is essentially based on my own personality, family life and some events in my life. He is a troubled guy who fails to recognise the extent and meaning of his true feelings towards guys. He is desperate for acceptance and constantly seeks approval and validation. I think there is a little bit of everyone in the character of Jack.

The aim of my book is to highlight the struggles many homosexual men face in accepting their homosexuality but it is also about hope and the belief that honesty will lead to validation and fulfillment.

What has the reaction to the book been?
One teenage gay guy in the US messaged me recently to say that as he read the final page he felt an inner strength grow. He closed the book, went downstairs and told his family he was gay. That was the greatest reward I could receive for writing this book. If I have helped just one other guy struggling, then it was all worthwhile.

Wow, that really is amazing.
My own life has consisted of three main periods – a time of denial where I did not recognise or accept my sexuality. A period of deceit where I engaged in random meets with guys from the Internet and a time of discovery when I had finally come out and accepted who I really was.

Have you written any other books that we should read next?
I have not written any other books but I have just started my second book!

Come back and talk to us about it when it’s done. Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am from the UK and have worked in education for the past 16 years. 5 years ago I moved to Bangkok.  I recently married my soul-mate and we are happily enjoying our life together in Thailand.

How can we follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook?

What’s next?
I hope to continue to get the word out about my book to as many people as possible and continue to write my second book. My dream is to be a full time writer but also to tour the country giving motivational talks to teenagers/young men and families, struggling to accept or understand their sexuality.

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