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Interview with Billy Ray Chitwood, author of The Reluctant Savage


The Reluctant Savage” is essentially a novel about high school sweethearts reunited after years of military service and advanced education. The lives of Billy Jay Campbell and Marcie Madden have not changed so much over the years. Billy still carries a confident yet gentle and humble personality, Marcie is still a lovely mover and shaker.

Marcie runs a law office where her husband, Jerry Dangino, is one of the principal partners who is easily manipulated by the other partner, Albert Clarkson, a big man who has evil in his heart, power and greed in his mind.

Billy is an investigator for another law firm that does occasional work for Clarkson and Dangino. Hence, the reunion of Billy and Marcie.

When Billy’s best friend and fellow investigator, Johnny Oakley, is murdered, the tragedy begins a whirlwind of peculiar actions and events, involving clandestine business operations, more gruesome murders, and a climactic ending.

Though married to Jerry, Marcie’s love remains strong for Billy, and there is another young lady vying for his affections.

It is a story that pits good against evil, a woven tale that measures one man’s reluctance to savagery and another’s relentless capacity for it.

What genre is it?
Basically action, mystery, suspense, but it also has a strong element of love and romance.

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
Adults, young and old.

You’ve got a large cast of characters. Tell us about them.
Billy Campbell is a handsome sandy-haired high school football hero who has no delusions of grandeur, no ego hang-ups. He is tall, slender, confident and agile in his movements. His humility borders on shyness, a personality that has gravitational appeal. He knows of family and love.

Marcie Madden is blond, beautiful, and handles all business matters most efficiently. She is a one-man woman and Billy’s re-entry into her life causes her some awkward moments.

Pam Burns is about to graduate from Arizona State University, working part-time in a restaurant/lounge. She and Billy are in love… Two ladies love Billy. Billy loves two ladies.

Jerry Dangino is a handsome dark Italian, a ladies man prior to meeting and falling in love with Marcie Madden. Jerry is a capable and generally an honorable man. He made a mistake earlier in his pre-Marcie life, making him an easy target for Albert Clarkson.

Albert Clarkson is big of stature, looms over people, reddish gray hair and menacing eyes. He is a man of power and evil, has lurid little secrets, and is most likely a sociopath.

Have you written any other books that we should read next?
Six books that fall in the ‘mystery’ genre with dashes of ‘romance,’ one clearly defined love story – ‘romance,’ and two memoirs.

Four of the six ‘mystery’ books were inspired by true events.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Born and raised in Tennessee, graduated Oak Ridge High School and received a BA degree in English at Lycoming College in Williamsport, PA. Taught ‘Advanced Writing’ to high school college-bound students.

Acted in film, stage, TV commercials. Worked in textbook publishing, and owned my own business.

Recently left the beautiful Sea of Cortez in Mexico and returned to my native Tennessee.

Married to Julie Anne and a ‘Bengal’ cat named George – Julie is always calm, patient, and a joy… George, not so much! He is, however, a fur bundle of love.

Writing for me is my substitute for the psychiatrist’s chair – I find little pieces of me in the process.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?
My main website/blog:

My blog site:

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  1. Whee! So nice to see Billy Ray here. The Reluctant Savage sounds like an incredible read. I look forward to it!

  2. Thanks, Eden, for your kind words, your ceaseless assistance to your fellow authors, and thanks to for their review – It’s my hope other Indie authors will avail themselves of this good support service.


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