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Interview with Justine Allen, author of Chronovisor


Chronovisor is based in modern-day London, and concerns the activities of the company Continuum. Continuum was founded in the early years of the Millennium by Cynthia Barthelemy. It markets the Past Life experience, which allows the user to live a few hours in the past of a direct ancestor, as if they were there themselves. The Past Life experience is not as safe as the public believes, and Continuum is threatening not only its own downfall, but the very fabric of history.

That’s a great premise. What genre is it?
Science fiction.

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
Anybody with a passion for science-fiction, and especially those who like the twists and turns required by time-travel.

Tell us more.
Continuum was founded by Cynthia Barthelemy, and is run with the help of Alexander Taylor. Alexander is responsible for delivering a new enhanced experience. To speed up progress, Continuum is secretly testing on the public. Some become ill, and the issues are being kept secret from employees and the public alike.

Jason Gabbey is a data analyst at Continuum’s headquarters in London. During his routine work, he finds some anomalous data, and becomes suspicious of his employer’s motives. Andrea Williams works as a personal trainer at a city gym. She becomes ill during her first Past Life trip. Steven Salt is a lonely and troubled figure, who is the leader of a protest group against Continuum.

Continuum’s secrets begin to unravel, and the three are thrown together in the fight against Continuum.

What’s a chronovisor? Why do we feel as if we’ve heard the word before?
An apocryphal time viewer called the Chronovisor is believed by some to actually exist, and has featured in certain conspiracy theories; Father François Brune, a French Catholic priest and author, related in his book Le nouveau mystère du Vatican (2002) how an Italian priest invented a time viewer in the 20th century.

Remind us what a time viewer is.
The time viewer is a fictional, oracle-like device occasionally employed in science fiction. In most cases the time viewer resembles a television, except that its screen displays events in another time, either the past or the future.

Ah, something like that excellent Jake Gyllenhaal movie –
Source Code.

That’s the one.
Tell us about yourself.
As a teenager, I began reading for pleasure by thumbing through my parents’ science-fiction paperbacks. In the days before eBooks, they had hundreds of books piled high in bookcases and stacked on the floor. I loved the original covers from the fifties and sixties. You can re-create them using Pulp-O-Mizer today.

I discovered I had a passion for writing quite late in life, and didn’t know quite how addictive it would be. I naturally write science-fiction, and particularly enjoy time-travel. I wrote Chronovisor on my iPad, mostly hiding from work in local cafes.

Have you got a website?

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What’s next?
My work in progress is a classic science-fiction tale of spaceships and aliens!

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