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Top 10 Books: Week ending August 30, 2013

Wondering what new books to feed to your Kindle or iPad? Here are the books that have grabbed the interest of other Indie Author Land readers this past week.



Last week


wpid-jersey_girl2.jpg Can Spiritual Women Say F#ck? by Jess Barrett is part memoir and part inspirational work, drawing from the author’s rich history of missteps, mistakes, and tragic results to solidify ten new “Jersey-fied” rules for life. new


imogen snow Imogen – two years and 27 days is an amazing book of photographs of a single model – Imogen – taken by a single photographer, Mark Wilkinson up


Penpal Dathan Auerbach Penpal by Dathan Auerbach
Penpal is a horror story about a man trying to make sense of some traumatic events from his childhood.


wpid-JoP_Cover.jpg Jury of Peers by Troy Brodsky.

When Seth Meek exits Fort Meade, he doesn’t realize that he’ll never return to his dream job at the NSA.  In the space of the next twenty-four hours, he watches as his family is murdered, and he becomes a Federal fugitive.



wpid-IMG_20130826_025005.JPG In Mermaids Rising, Brenda Peterson posits that mermaids are rising up in our pop culture—from singers like Lady Gaga and Madonna, to movie stars who pose in glittering tail flukes, to authors whose 21st century mermaids are sassy, sexy, and strong new


wpid-ebookcinnamoncover.jpg Cinnamon Twigs by Darren Freebury-Jones is the story of a celebrity who fakes his suicide. new


wpid-deathstormcover-v2.jpg Death Storm by GS Wright is the first book in the Hungry Gods dark fantasy series where a sword & sorcery world is falling to a zombie apocalypse. While survivors try to regroup and find some semblance of safety, the zombie outbreak is but the first step of something much more horrible new


wpid-COR-1-cover-huge.jpg Central Outbreak Response: Genesis” by RJ Kennett is a post-apocalyptic zombie romp. It’s fast-paced, it’s funny, it’s viscerally brutal, and most importantly, fun. new


wpid-tNC-final-cover-1400-wide.jpg The Northland Chronicles: A Stranger North by Henry J Olsen is the first instalment of a new series set in the year 2036, nine years after an event known as the Desolation wiped out nearly all of humanity. new


wpid-oracles_cover.jpg Oracles Under City Lights by Chris Gill is the deeply personal yet utterly relatable memoir follows a young man’s journey as he moves to London to pursue his dream of ‘becoming a writer’. new

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