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Interview with Maz Marik, author of End Storm


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End Storm‘ is a thrilling, edge-of-your-seat book, following a family as they try to reunite, as the world around them collapses.

Emma and her son, Steven, have fled the city and head for a place they believe will offer them safety, but the road leading there has become treacherous and deadly, as death seems to lurk at every corner. On finding a small group of survivors, they hear more of the devastation around them, and know that the safe place they are heading to, may just well be their last hope.

Emma’s husband, and Stevens father, Robert, battled his way out of the city, and after finding his way home, realises his family have moved on, with a note left promising to meet again, ‘under the stars’. As he makes his own way there, with a loyal companion he met along the way, he realises he is being stalked by something that will not be stopped.

What genre is your book?
Horror, thriller.

Tell us a little more about this family.
Robert and Emma both have fighting qualities, and a loyalty and love for their family that is unbreakable. On their journey, they have to find courage and belief, and keep hold of the hope they carry, as death and misery begin to cloud their minds.

You haven’t said why the world collapsed – zombies? meteor? virus? robots?

Why did the world collapse…..Ah, well, that would be a spoiler. But, by definition, they are Zombies, but what caused them, you will have to find out!

What kind of readers has your book found an audience with? And what has been the critical response?
Fans of horror, apocalyptic, dystopian, thrillers.

End Storm’ was also nominated for the Apple Breakthrough Authors awards.

This is the beginning of a series, right?
End Storm is part of the planned and up coming ‘End Storm Saga’. It represents the beginning of the end.

But it’s not the real beginning, is it?
There are three short stories which are set just before End Storm, and focuses on the survivors which Emma meets on her journey.

Tell us about yourself.
I’m Maz Marik, Born and bred in Threapwood, UK. I spent 8 years living in USA, mostly on the East, although a lot of time in the West doing sports coaching. Other than that, I spent 3 years travelling around Asia and Europe. Currently, I live in the South of England, a long, long way from home!

I got into writing when I was about 8, when I would write sequels to whatever movie I would be watching, for example, Alien 8 (And yes, my mother let me get away with watching it!), and then I wrote fictional sports reports. As soon as I started travelling I began to write short stories, which became longer, until End Storm was created….

In my spare time, I like to walk, watch movies and spend hours searching the web for all the wonderful stories that get hidden by mainstream media. I do have a big interest in Greek mythology, as well as the different religions.

Other than that, I keep myself to myself. You’ll usually find me at the Devil’s Dyke, near Brighton, where I just sit for hours on end with a notepad in hand!

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?

How can we follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook?
Facebook :
Twitter : @MazMarik.

What’s next?
Next up is another part of the ‘End Storm Saga’, this one set in the 1970’s, called ‘Earthed’, and its due out later in 2013.

Also, ‘Hamelin’, which is set just after the events of ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’, and follows the men of Hamelin as they go searching for the children. Again, it is due out later on in 2013.

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