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Interview with Katrina Rose, author of Connects


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Connects is not your everyday spooky true haunting even though there is an element of scary, because there is also love and the connection to the afterlife.  Connects is based on my true story which I survived. I have changed names, places, and dates to protect the innocent making the book fiction.

Tell us more.
What would you do if you bought a house built on historical land with a seedy past starting with a drug dealer selling to cops shortly after his wife is found dead on the railroad  tracks, and the suspicious overdose on his driveway? Except no one told you what went down on your property nineteen years ago. 

I believe most people would have probably put up a for-sale sign, or consider suing. Maybe this is exactly what I should have thought about doing, but instead I decided to write about the dreams I started having about the spirits who had been wronged. With each new dream, the spirits trapped within the walls of my country house left clues why they are here.

So it’s not just one spirit? It’s not just the wife?
For some reason, there are many spirits, and some people think I’m making it up when the book twists and turns, almost unbelievably. Sometimes the most unbelievable should be believed, especially when the ghost-murder story begins to stack up from newspaper articles, and what town folk are recalling after nineteen years of silence. 

Instead of being afraid or threatened I let my guard down allowing one of the spirits to possess me until I discovered which one is inside of me.

You what?
My name is Abigail Morrison, and my story is fiction which means that I’ve changed the names, places, and dates, but I believe my ghosts to be real.

Now we’re confused. Who is Abigail Morrison?
Abigail is really me. She is an intuitive gal who moves into the country house in which I still live in, and begins to dream about the past and what happened to the drug dealer’s wife found dead on the railroad tracks.

I’ve been told that the ending will bring a tear to one’s eyes because of the connection I had to the spirits.

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
I believe it will appeal to those who like mysteries that are paranormal, and to those who like spiritual matters that are not traditional.

Tell us about your life outside of this story.
I am a proud mother of two wonderful young men who are musicians. I love all animals and have 4 cats and 10 chickens. I love to write and give psychic readings to help others with their daily lives. I feel blessed to have this gift from the heavens and I use it wisely.

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What’s next?
Working on the sequel to this story.

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  1. lililyBeth

    Join us at Blessed Be Spiritual Shop in Grove City Ohio on October 23rd beginning at 6:30 for an evening with Katrina Rose! Call (614) T39-4444. For more information.

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