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Interview with FT Moore, author of Copper Hollow


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Copper Hollow is the story of a small mountain town whose families lived off the land for generations. In the 1930’s, Roosevelt’s men forcibly took their land away, in order to use the mountain for an underground communications infrastructure for the war. The families huddled into the mountain hollows, and three generations later, became a permanent “welfare state,” living off food stamps, moonshine sales and meth labs hidden inside old chicken houses.

As the poverty of  generations took its toll, the CIA men who lived and worked in those mountains mingled with the population. They hired a private defense contractor, who devised a scheme to use the mountain chicken sheds, and the isolated airport, to run heroin from the poppy fields of Afghanistan. Soon, the people of Copper Hollow find themselves fodder for the greater scheme.

One Defense Intelligence Agent and his FBI partner figure out what’s going on. But is there anything they can do to stop it? How high does the corruption go, and where does the hedge fund meet the military contract?

What genre is it?
It’s a CIA spy thriller, with historical context.

Historical context? You make it sound as if you think something like this could actually happen.
F T Moore is a pseudonym. I am a former defense contractor, with a technology background.  I currently live in the mountains and am seriously working on developing an affordable and practical off-grid solar generator.

Oh wow. We bow to your superior knowledge.
Who’s the hero of this tale? Tell us about him.
Chance Kiernan is ex-Delta Force, current contract assassin for the United States Government.  Takes his orders from the Joint Special Operations Command. Integrity to the marrow of his bones. Only kills bad guys.

Who else do we need to meet?
Farzam is a poppy farmer in the mountains of Afghanistan. Sees himself as a business man. Making his deals. Chance Kiernan gets in his way.

Josh Bockenheim is a rich boy turned military contractor. Runs drugs to fund a CIA operation. Heir to his father’s hedge fund.

Ray Plotzky is the Mayor of Copper Hollow. Stumbling across the heroin operation, he gets in Josh Bockenheim’s way.

In no time at all, there’s a rumble.

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
People who like political intrigue, complex plots, deep character development. People who read a lot of thrillers.

Thrillers like –
John Grisham’s books.

Have you written any other books that we should read next?
The Prequel to Copper Hollow: The Tempest Illusion is coming out within the next three months.

The Sequel to Copper Hollow: Dawn Fire is coming out next Fall.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?

How can we follow you on Twitter?

What’s next?
Focusing on the Prequel and the Sequel to Copper Hollow

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