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Interview with Charity Parkerson, author of The Sexy and the Undead


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The Sexy & The Undead” is the first book in my new “Sexy Witches” series. Ella Perry is a witch who is in charge of her very own pet zombie. Freddie is not your typical zombie. He’s been cursed by a vengeful witch–who he had the bad manners to cheat on, and now he needs Ella’s help in order to break the curse.

So far so different. Tell us more.
Ella has dedicated the last few years of her life trying to find a cure for Freddie, and it hasn’t left much time for a personal life. In a fit of loneliness on Valentine’s Day, she decides to create her own ‘perfect man’ with a spell.

When things go wrong, Ella ends up pulling a very un-angelic angel from the heavens, and things only get crazier from there.

We can imagine. What genre is this?
Paranormal romance.

In that case tell us more about the main characters.
Ella Perry is an independent woman struggling under the burden of caring for Freddie while unemployed.

Samuel the Dark is a warrior angel charged with guarding the 3 Fates.

Tam the Pixie is a half-insane fairy who causes trouble everywhere she goes.

Freddie the zombie is a surprise.

What a motley crew you seem to have thrown together.
I love to make people laugh and I hope this book accomplishes it.

We interviewed you about your book, A Splash of Hope, which we loved, but now we cannot wait to get our hands on the rest of this series. Go write it immediately!
Instead of struggling under the pressure of writing a series while slowly releasing them one book at a time, I decided to write the entire “Sexy Witches” series before the first book’s release. For that reason, the entire series is available for purchase.

Yay. Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?

How can we follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook?

What’s next?
I have a 3 book horror erotica series that is co-authored with Regina Puckett for Ellora’s Cave Publishing releasing soon.

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