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Interview with Alara Branwen, author In The Velociraptor’s Nest


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Dinosaur erotica fulfills the desire that all humans have of either having sex with a big, powerful, dominant alpha male, or being a big, powerful, dominant alpha male while having sex.

The Velociraptor’s Nest is about a young woman named Azog who is in the middle of a hunt. She begins the story by washing off in a small stream, lamenting the fact that she has not captured any game. She laments this fact because the men that live with her in her cave will punish her by forcing themselves on her. This is something that does not enthrall her very much because of the men have less than prolific “love tools.”

She continues her hunt and finds a small cave, in which are three baby raptors asleep in a nest. Thinking she has nabbed some easy game, Azog raises her spear for the kill. However, before she fells the baby raptors, an adult male enters the cave to protect the young.

This male raptor retaliates against the young Azog for attempting to penetrate the young in the cave by penetrating her with its phallus.

It’s a very moving and loving tale of prehistoric proportions.

The dinosaur has sex with her?! Is dinosaur erotica a huge genre that we’re unaware of or something you and your co-author, Christie Sims, invented?
Dinosaur sex has been around for some time. In fact, there have been fictions written by non-professional writers for many years. There were a few stories that were published in the online marketplaces before Christie and mine, but not many, and they weren’t very popular. So it wasn’t a very big genre, but it was always there. Something tells me that it will get bigger before the year ends though.

Thanks in no small part to the popularity of your work with Christie Sims. Why does dinosaur erotica appeal?
Because I think it fulfills the desire that all humans have of either having sex with a big, powerful, dominant alpha male, or being a big, powerful, dominant alpha male while having sex. That is what Christie and I think anyway. That is probably the appeal of most of the monster sex books that are out on the market right now. This would probably explain why most monster sex books feature monsters that are large and very strong.

That’s true. You don’t see a lot of chipmunk erotica!
Tell us about your readers.
Our audience is about 60% male and 40 % female by Christie and my calculations. Our readers ages range from about 21 to 60. Most of our readers are around their 30s and 40s.

We’ve got to ask: how do the mechanics of human/dinosaur sex even work? And is it boringly unimaginative to point out that humans and dinosaurs never actually coexisted?

Well, in our stories, they work just like they do with between any two humans. Though there is a lot of sex standing up (with the girl pinned against a wall or tree) and a lot of “doggy style” sex.

Of course it is boringly unimaginative! Haha, this is fantasy, you are supposed to suspend your disbelief and lose yourself in a world of dreams. Or in our stories’ cases, a world of desires.

Dinosaurs aren’t the only subjects of your erotica, are they? Dragons, centaurs, werewolves and more. Do you have a favourite creature to write about? Which is most popular with your readers?
No, they aren’t. We have written about many different types of creatures. Of all the creatures Christie and I have written about, I think her and my favorite is and always will be Dragons. Even though dinosaurs were what brought us to the fore of the short fiction erotic market, dragons will always be our favorite.

Even before our dinosaur books exploded in popularity, our dinosaur erotica was one of our two most popular genres. The other was, go figure, dragons.

For anyone who hasn’t yet read a Christie Sims/Alara Branwen novel, where should they start?
It depends on what you are interested in. If you like dinosaurs I would suggest In The Velociraptor’s Nest or Taken by the T-Rex. If you like dragons. “Sold to the Dragon” is the best dragon piece I’ve ever done. “Rescued by the Dragon” and the “Doing the Dragon” trilogy are also good if you would prefer a more humanoid dragon. If you like demons, you can’t go wrong with “The Devil in Mrs. James.”

If shifters are your thing then you should really try “With the Weretiger” or “The Watchwolf.”

For a menage experience try you would want to go with “The Pack’s New Mate” or the “Gangbang of the Werewolves” trilogy.

For gryphons you can’t go wrong with “Mounted by the Gryphon” and for centaurs I think the best place to start would be “Combat with the Centaurs.”

For any other creatures, one story is just as good as any other, at least in Christie and my opinions.

Last year, all the magazine and Internet commentators claimed that the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey said something about the secret sexual desires of women. What does the popularity of your books say about us readers?
The popularity of our books tell Christie and me that people have fantasies about getting railed by big, powerful, studly alpha males, or being the big, studly alpha male doing the railing. The idea of having sex with something so powerful feeds that desire to be dominated, controlled, and protected by your mate (or to be dominant, controlling , and protective as a male during sex).

It has shown us that some people crave the extreme in terms of sating their sexual desires of having sex with powerful males. By partaking of the extreme, in this case monsters, the desire of having sex with the alpha male (or being the alpha male having sex) is, Christie and I believe, sated to its fullest extent. Satisfying that desire so fully makes the experience more rewarding for the reader.

That is about as well as I can explain it. Christie and I aren’t psychologists so we can give a more scientific explanation.

Tell us about yourselves.
We enjoy terrible movies, going for early-morning runs, and playing many different kinds of games with friends. We do spend a lot of time together, so much so that some people think we are lovers (it’s not true, we only love part-time, the rest we spend writing!). I am an outdoorsy type of girl and Christie is kind of the same way. We’re pretty outgoing in our group of friends, but outside of that, we tend to be pretty private people.

If I were to describe us both in a nutshell, I would basically say we were nice, quiet girls who have really warped imaginations.

Have you got a blog where readers can keep up with your work? Do you use social media?
We don’t use social media much, but since Christie and I have caught the public eye we have decided to start using them more frequently.

You can check up on our latest happenings on our blog at

Or they can follow us on twitter @AlaraBranwen or on Facebook at Alara Branwen

What’s next?
Well after Christie and I reach a certain number of published stories (we haven’t determined the number but we are sure that it will be at least 300 and at most 500) we will retire from erotic fiction and go into something else.

I am interested in expanding into erotic romance, romance, science fiction, fantasy, or any combination of those (especially romantic fantasy). I also have an interest in writing one or a series of fantasy ‘choose your own path’ books.

I am also interested in, at some point in my life, becoming a motivational speaker.

Christie says she plans to publish a series of urban fantasy novels and become the worlds greatest pastry chef.

But until that time comes, we plan to publish more fantasy monster erotica featuring ogres, centaurs, hydras, gryphons, dragons, shifters, and of course, dinosaurs.

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