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Interview with Gemma Ramji, author of The Day My School Fell Down


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The Day My School Fell Down is a comic tale of school life, at a horribly disastrous, crumbling school in England called Murkworth School.

Headmaster Crochet is sent to save the reputation of flagging Murkworth School, but spends most of his time on the telephone blubbering to his ex-wife. The poor distressed school governor is equally befuddled, unable to get past the front door, with his phobia of the old harridan receptionist, a ghastly woman who enjoys peering suspiciously out of the reception window to spot those who put their register in the wrong trolley slot.

Closure threatens poor Murkworth School, and troublesome pupils such as water-balloon throwing Eldon Peeble, and wretched school thief Theodore Blot must reform their ways, or Murkworth School, that is a laughing stock throughout the land, will be gone for good…

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
It will appeal to readers of all ages, whether they are in school currently, or looking back at school with a humorous eye.

If you like Fawlty Towers, you’ll love my book.

Who are the main players in your story?
The first main character is Eldon Peeble, a sloppy boy with a bad haircut, who runs an underground operation of exchanging teachers’ mark books for questionable goods, among pupils in his form. Trying to catch him out is English teacher Mr Yadav, a shouty man who daydreams of being headmaster and has a particular hatred of the school vending machine that swallows all his money. The third character is the school vending machine itself. The school vending machine will not only gulp down your funds, but dispense to you nightmare concoctions such as ‘coffee mixed with fizzy lemon and lime’.

Sounds delish. Not.
Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a comedy writer, actress, artist and filmmaker. I started writing novels very young, and would scribble down stories in the back of my exercise books at school when the teacher wasn’t looking. I cannot get through the day without writing something, even if it’s a silly character description or a short wacky poem. I live in England where there are beautiful landscapes, and the occasional wise-looking pigeon.

Have you written any other books that we should read next?
Not yet. I am currently writing my next novel, so please check back with me in the future!


Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?

What’s next?
I am writing a new novel which will be available soon! I am also writing a short fairytale film and will be casting shortly.

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