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Interview with Jeremiah Jackson, author of Cinemanager: Confessions from the movie theatre


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This is a story based on my career managing cinemas, and it tells all about what happens behind the scenes of a very busy week. You really won’t believe some of the things the manager has to handle…

Like what?
A lot of people are surprised by how much goes on behind the scenes, and how much there is to do making sure that the popcorn doesn’t run out, the films are packed and not too many technical things go wrong! Money goes missing, popcorn burns, the staff throw tantrums and the projectors malfunction. Imagine the horror of telling a screenful of 300 people that they have to go home because the projector broke down halfway through their film, or the panic of having a thousand tickets sold for a big release the next morning but you haven’t had the film delivered, and it’s 1am and you’re pacing around praying it turns up!

What’s the overall tone of the book?
The narrator is the young cynical cinema manager. He hates his boss (who’s useless), and is easily exasperated with his customers.

Tell us about the real you.
I worked managing cinemas for many years, and collected a lot of anecdotes along the way. People used to like hearing me tell them gossip from work, and said I should write a book. Over many years, I did just that. I’m glad it took so long, it helped get the story into a story instead of a string of anecdotes.

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