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Interview with Sunshine Somerville, author of The Kota


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The Kota is a sci-fi, action/adventure, dystopian novel about a murdered race of people who leave behind prophecies that say how the world is to be saved from a deadly, global virus controlled by an evil tyranny. 

The main character is Trok, who becomes immortal and must watch over two sets of siblings who are born with the Kota Mark, which singles them out as the Kota Warriors who will save Earth. 

It’s a huge book and a sweeping tale, isn’t it?
It’s a long, epic book that covers 500+ years from the creation of the DRK virus to the future fulfillment of the prophecies.  Underlying the whole story are philosophical/religious elements that add a deeper meaning to the action as it unfolds.  But there’s also a lot of action to keep things moving, some humor, and many characters to grow attached to in this futuristic world.     

We’re huge X-Men fans. This will be right up our street, won’t it?
Anyone who likes superhero stories will probably like this book.  And anyone who likes more complex sci-fi.

You say the main character is called Trok?
Trok is the initial main character, but he quickly becomes a kind of supernatural father-figure because all along his destiny is to find the four Kota Warriors who will save Earth.

In that case, tell us about the warriors he finds.
Bullseye is the Warrior Leader.  She’s a very complex character in that her life leading up to joining the Warriors was a mess and she was a key member of the tyranny the Warriors will later fight.  But she’s also really witty and grows to have a deep sense of purpose. Her hypernatural abilities are perfect hand-eye coordination and invisibility. 

Tigris is the Warrior Seer.  She’s haunted by an abduction when she was younger that left her with extremely strong powers of telepathy and teleporting. She has a deep love for people and is the heart of the team. 

And the other two?
Rave is the Warrior Hunter.  He’s the only Warrior who knows their mission his whole life because Trok raises and trained him.  Rave’s a little weird as a person because he grew up on an alien planet, and he provides a lot of humor.  But he probably has the strongest sense of duty of any of the Warriors.  His hypernatural ability is enhanced senses.

Whitewolf is the Warrior Fighter.  He’s a huge, muscular guy but is a gentle giant and balances out the other Warriors because he’s the most grounded and normal.  His hypernatural abilities are enhanced strength.

You’ve called this Book 1. When can we get our hands on Book 2?
There are three following sequels in this series that are already in paperback form.  “The Ebonite and Her Earthling” is book 2.  “Pharmakon” is book 3.  “Zenith Prophecies” is book 4.  They each continue to follow the Kota Warriors as they travel from planet to planet.

That’s good to hear.
Tell us a bit about yourself.
I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and grew up a bit north on my family’s hunting preserve.  I love nature, painting, reading, and I’m a huge nerd when it comes to movies and TV.  If I don’t have some creative outlet, I go a little stir-crazy, so on top of writing novels I like to make spoof movies with my friends.  Also, Pinterest has taken over my life and my apartment. 

We’ve never really got into Pinterest. We’re more Facebook and Twitter fans. Are you on those too?
Twitter:  @kynacoba
Facebook Page:  The Kota Series

Do you have a website? is my main website that holds my blog, info about my books, pics of my art, etc.

What’s next?
Since I went back and rewrote this book 1 as an expanded version, I might redo the following 3 as expanded versions too, but I kind of like them how they are in paperback form.  We’ll see.  For now, I’m taking a break from novels and enjoying blogging and connecting with readers.

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