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Interview with L. M Langley, author of Five Years


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Five Years – A Fire in Redbridge is a coming of age about two fish out of water kids in a small town. They have just left for college and when their friend Nate dies, they start uniting forces with each other to find out what truly happened to him, since they find his death to be suspicious.

It kind of brings them back into this town that is way too small for them and they become each other’s support network, but that may not be a good thing.

The book spans for around Five Years, hence the title.

Tell us about these kids.
Casey is a biracial girl living in a tiny town in Georgia, and she has always been considered an outsider. She has big aspirations but seems to lack drive to achieve her dreams, which is a contradiction. She uses her dreams to escape her situation, but it doesn’t work – she just keeps digging herself deeper and deeper into a hole. Casey dated Nate through high school and watches him die at the beginning of the book.

Alex was born in Redbridge and grew up alongside Casey, although they were never friends. He is Nate’s best friend, and he can be best described as confused. He doesn’t know who he is, or what he wants. Once he is confronted with it, he doesn’t know what to do with himself. His actions speak to his insecurity.

What genre is it?
It is a Young Adult/New Adult Coming of Age literary fiction novella.

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
Those care about multicultural stuff, lgbqt issues, like coming of ages with a splash of romance and enjoy fish out of water stories.

How much of you – or the person you wish you were – is in your  characters?
There is a lot of me in my characters, especially Casey, but these are things I dislike about myself in particular. This was done on purpose – I wanted my readers to get so involved within the character that they did not realize exactly what is happening, and why they should perhaps not feel sympathy for the characters. Casey is very self-involved and immature, but she tries not to be, which makes me like her despite myself.

That’s interesting. Tell us more about yourself.
I have a degree in Creative Writing from Northumbria University and I pursued a postgrad degree in Creative Writing from Newcastle University. I like to read, write, and watch television. I also have a small publishing press for erotica writers.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?, although be warned: There is an
extra content element to the book and you may be spoiled if you go

In that case, maybe we should connect with you using social media. How can we do that?
How easily do new storylines come to you? If we give you four random words – Man, Woman, Airport, Darkness – can you give us a brief storyline?
A woman looks at the whites of her eyes in the bathroom mirror, shining amidst the sudden blackness, amidst all the screams. She sighs, looks at her phone. Her flight will be late.

She turns around. He is standing there.

What’s next?
I’m currently working on a coming of age set in Newcastle. It should be very fun!

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