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Interview with Donna M. Butler & Siobhan Shaw, author of Journey of the Soul Car

Journey of the Soul Car

Four years ago a women crawled into a dark corner when her life seemed hopeless and she began swallowing pills to end it all. A ray of light struck a pile of old journals and her journey began anew.

This book is a real and raw account of the journey this woman, Donna M. Butler and her sidekick, Siobhan Shaw, have embarked on as they find ways to change the direction of their life from spiraling downward into an abyss from which there is no escaping to one of constant upward motion toward success and abundance.

We’re not sure we understand. Tell us more.

Journey of the Soul Car is a compilation of real life stories showing readers how to shift attitudes and change the path their live’s are taking. From helpless to helpful, from darkness to light and from the depth of despair to the incredible highs life brings with the right attitude.

So this is a self-help book, right?

Attitude shifting is a genre all itself, however, to make it simple this book is a self help book. Self help with the aid of a personal tow chain of people to encourage and support the reader as they take a ride in their soul car.

Their soul car?

This book appeals to anyone needing a push, pull or kick in the trunk! We host and produce a web show called The Attitude Shift and our audience are fun-loving, knowledge seeking people who simply desire more from themselves and more from their life. The show and this book pick them up and gets them into high gear making life the amazing journey it should be.

We’ll check the web show out. Where can we find it?

What about social media?

What’s next for you guys?

What’s next for us is a second book detailing specific attitudes we’ve talked about over the years on our show, The Attitude Shift, and to pitch the show to TV networks so we can reach people the world over with the concept of attitude shifting.

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