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Interview with Giorgos Kazoulis, author of Breaking Good


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Is life a theatrical version of a much truer, darker world inside our minds? How can someone even consider walking the straight and narrow path in a world that anyone could be lurking in the shadows, ready to walk over you if he was to?

A normal boy, a normal life.  So not special by the world’s standards.
He loves and he fails.

Eighteen years old Stavros begins questioning every single value and what begins as a quest for success and power soon becomes an enormous inner struggle that defines him.

The boy begins his mental journey and finds happiness, sorrow, peace, fear and danger. Real, physical danger…

Will the boy win against his inner demons? Or will he decide that his inner demons are in fact his guardian angels and his only chance to a better, safer life? What would be the cost of such a victory?

One thing is for sure – Breaking Good is damn hard to do.

What genre is this?
It derives from personal experience and is what I like to call a character development thriller! The main character in my book will have to make some very tough choices and change in order to find happiness and… to survive!

In that case, tell us about this main character.
My  main character is the alpha and omega of the story. Everybody else is a plot tool, though some of them are inspired from real people and I try to make them seem realistic. He is a boy with a weak sense of what’s good, what’s loyalty, what’s love and all the rest. He does not want to believe in any form of good act, he soon becomes a calculating son of a bitch. But he is a stubborn guy so he decides to make himself a person that actually understands and give meaning to those values.

Is he a smart and great man, or a simple minded fool as the first chapter declares?

Is he based on a real person too?
My main character is quite a bit like me. Which is actually kind of scary. If you read the book you’ll understand why!

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Giorgos Kazoulis and I really can’t eat fruits. Aside from that most of the times I am trying to decide whether I like or hate the fact that I am lazy.

You’ve got to give us more than that.
I prefer cats to dogs. Now the internet can have an all out war on the

Erm… OK. And if we wanted to learn more?

By now it should be entirely obvious that I am using a pseudonym, or am antisocial. Anyway, that’s me and my Facebook page and I hope it’s more active by the time this interview has gone live.

Maybe we can discover you through your books. Have you written any others?
I have written many books but most of them are in Greek. By the time this interview is published I will probably have translated more books. Check if that’s true. We’ll see.

How easily do new storylines come to you? If we give you four random words – Man, Woman, Airport, Darkness – can you give us a brief storyline?
A man and a woman doing it in the darkness of a closed airport.

You never stop joking, do you?
Ok seriously now.

A woman, scared, is running on the runway chasing a plane that is taking off. The plane, naturally, takes off, ignoring the woman. She falls to her knees as a team of airport security comes and collects her. The woman whispers something in the darkness but they can’t hear it.  No one knows why she did all that.

All they learn fifteen minutes later is that the plane has fallen. Everybody has the crazy idea that the woman and the crash could be related but no one really believes it.

Except a black male with a short beard who has been looking at her for about an hour. The woman sees him. And now she really is scared…

Wow, that’s really good.
What’s next for you?
I will probably write about that airport story. I like it.

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