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Interview with Patricia Fry, author of Cat-Eye Witness


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Last year I wrote Catnapped, the first in my Klepto Cat Mystery
series. These are cozy mysteries featuring an interesting cat character. He’s an ordinary cat with a most unusual habit. He steals things. Often, the things he takes or finds turn out to be clues to the current mystery or crime. In Cat-Eye Witness, Rags (a large grey-and-white cat) was a witness in a police line-up. In this story, he very cleverly pawed the killer. 

Rags’s supporting characters are Savannah Jordan, a veterinary tech in Catnapped and a full-fledged veterinarian in Cat-Eye Witness. In the first book, Savannah’s Aunt Margaret, a spunky gal who is involved in cat rescue, invites her niece to help her out after she broke her foot. Aunt Margaret  introduces her  to their steaming hot local veterinarian Dr. Michael Ivey and sparks fly.

Each story has a mystery, a little romance and a whole lot of feline energy.

You say they’re cozy mysteries. Who will they appeal to?
People who like mysteries, romance and cats.

If you like books in the Cats in the Stacks, The Cat Who, Magical Cats Mysteries and Bookmobile Cat Mysteries, you’ll love my books.

Tell us about your main character.
Savannah Jordan is a bit of a romantic. She is loyal almost to a fault sometimes and she is curious like a cat. She values life and respects the paths of others. She has a slightly quirky sense of humor and an affinity with all life. When she is crossed or someone or something she loves is threatened, she will defend to the end.

We were hoping you’d tell us about the cat.
Rags is the main cat character. He is confident, curious and boy does he have a sense of humor. He is a kleptomaniac and a hoarder. Some consider him a downright thief. His best friends include Charlotte, a young girl with Downs and a strong affection for cats.

Is this series your first?
My latest book is number 40 for me–but it is only my second novel. I’ve been writing nonfiction for 40 years–articles and books.

I’ve been writing for publication since 1973. I have 40 books to my credit–most of them books on publishing and book promotion. I’m the executive director of SPAWN (Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network) I also work with other authors on their book projects.

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