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Interview with RR Gall, author of The Rage of Others


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According to LUKE: no prophet is accepted in his own town. When Jesus returned to Nazareth, they tried to throw him off a cliff.

The Rage of Others is the first part in a fictional series of the life of a teenage Jesus. Within his exciting adventures, the stories show the events, the background, and the thoughts  influencing people at the time.

The Rage of Others tells of Roman soldiers arriving in Nazareth. It tells of death. It tells of a whole town under the threat of annihilation.

What kind of teenager is Jesus? Sullen and uncommunicative like other teens? Pimply?
Jesus is a fairly normal teenager – unsure of his place in the world but wanting to make an impact. He can be stroppy around home but he can be good fun with his friends. He is clever but confused.

And how religious is he? How religious is your story?
The Rage of Others relies little on religion; it is a thriller exposing the nature of the time. It is set around 15 AD, in the reign of Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus.

The story starts rapidly – a knife is put to the teenager’s throat – and the tension continues a pace when Roman soldiers arrive in town, lead by the brutal Markus Aquilus Dorsus.

What kind of readers will this story appeal to?
All but, perhaps, mostly young adult.

If you like a thrillingly good story, you’ll love my book.

Have you written any other books?
I have written the Dumfries Detective Trilogy.

The Dumfries Detective Trilogy is: The Case of the Pig in the Evening Suit, The Case of Colourful Clothes and Kilts, The Case of the Hermit’s Guest Bedroom. They are set in the Scottish town of Dumfries, and are murder/mysteries with a mix of humour, thrills, and spills.

They feature an ‘amateur’ detective who is soon out of his depth. Nevertheless, as the trilogy progresses, he builds as a detective and, just as importantly, as a person.

We must check it out.
Tell us about yourself.

I write full-time.

That’s it? There must be more to you than that.
I’m retired and write full-time.

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