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Interview with JH Bográn, author of Firefall


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The problem with being reborn from the ashes is, you have to die first.

New York City firefighter, Sebastian Martin, seeks sanctuary in spiraling alcoholic oblivion following the loss of his wife and child in an air crash. Consumed by rage and resentment, directed against his brother and uncle, he takes a last-ditch job in Dallas, Texas, investigating insurance fraud.

Probing a fraudulent claim for a dead child, and another for a missing husband, takes Sebastian to the heart of crime, where he attracts the deadly attention of ruthless international car thieves, uncovers interlinked murders, and is tortured at the hands of a former KGB agent. In uncovering the facts, Sebastian learns his own truth.

Sounds exciting. We hear it’s got great locations to match too.
Honduras and three other countries provide the exotic backdrop to this edge of the seat thriller.

Tell us about Sebastian. How did the loss of his family affect him?
After a few months spiraling into alcoholic oblivion, his brother sets him up for a job in a different city, hoping that the change in scenery, people, and even the Texas drawl would have some therapeutic effect improving Sebastian’s condition.

I’ll only add this, nothing turned out as planned.

We’ve interviewed you in the past, about your book Deeds Of A Master Archer. Have you written anything else we should read?
My first novel Treasure Hunt was released in 2011 by Whiskey Creek Press is about a thief hired to find a hidden treasure (the proceedings of a heist 20 years before), except the simple job turns into a death race.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. After reading the likes of Clive Cussler, Ken Follett, Roberl Lodlum, Frederick Forsythe and Tom Clancy, I thought writing suspense would be easy. Yeah, right.

Still get thrilled to pen a story of suspense, my preferred genre, although sneaking some romance here and there is always nice.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?

How can we follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook?
Facebook profile:
Facebook author page:
Twitter: @JHBogran

How easily do new storylines come to you? If we give you four random words – Man, Woman, Airport, Darkness – can you give us a brief storyline?
I guess it depends on the time of day, and amount of coffee ingested at the time. Maybe a writer thriving on coffee is a cliché, but it applies to me.

Want to give it a go?
Okay, gave this a couple of minutes and here you go:

While a federal marshal working undercover boards a commercial flight to Washington, a rebel woman has managed to sneak a handgun into the jetliner. The system chose at random: they sat side by side when the lights go out, only a single gunshot disturbs the darkness.

What’s next?
My next novel is set in New Orleans, it is about a serial killer hiding his victims by passing them as accidents. The question is, how long can he pull that off?

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