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Interview with Robert Friedrich, author of The Darkness Within

The Darkness Within

A Captain and his 6 member Crew of the salvage ship “LIGHTARK” take you far into space and unknown sequence of circumstances. The infinite Dark Space absorbs the elements of logic and just a few hours in human life expand into the cycles of madness.

Is the Captain dead or did he just slip into a parallel life? Does he see the real world or is he witnessing the absurd joke of the Entity, lurking at the edge of the Unknown?

What genre is this?

Even though it is horror, I took it to an entirely new level. Adding many psychological characteristics, confusing twists and new settings are slowly developed into a New Paradigm style enclosing Sci-fi/Horror/Drama whilst addressing urgent issues and happenings within the life of individuals as well as humankind.

What do you mean?

The era of masculine, supernatural heroes finished, it is an exhausted concept. I intended to bring new heroes, with the integrity and vision, maybe in cruel and self-destructive environment of present world but ultimately oriented on self-identity and inner struggle rather than mislead everyone into the believe that there will always be someone else who will come in the right time to save all of humankind.

That’s interesting.  In that case, maybe you should introduce us to your lead character.

Captain Roberts, a lonely man with amnesia, which took away most of his life, is trying to find a speck of information or feelings which would bring back his lost memories. His world is in space, but his problems are much closer to him than he can apprehend. As an only survivor of fatal space accident, where 3000 people lost their lives, he is under pressure of investigators and his own blank memory. Will his attempt to push the trigger, aiming at his forehead, to uncover at last his lost life or will it awaken a Dark Entity fed on his personal failures and pains? Will the Captain find himself or he will find himself locked out from any power over his life, just being stooged …

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Slovakian, but am living temporally in Egypt since my 13th Birthday. Even in Slovakia I studied English in a private school while speaking it already from since I was 6 years old. My inclination toward written expression started to transpire around this age too. I wrote my first lyrics, but later life circumstances brought me to the entirely different world and the writing become for me a way to return to myself and stood against the unpleasant reality not fitting to my nature.

Do you have a website?

What about social media?

What’s next?

Currently am writing my 6th book and a Movie Script. Any and all details can be found either on my site, or on my FB page.

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