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Interview with Leise Chadwick, author of Paige Turner and the Crazy Cat’s Meow

Paige Turner

A funny thing happened to Paige Turner’s plan to finish her second year teaching 3rd grade and head to the beach for the summer: Dell, the love of her life returns, unencumbered by a fiancée; her dull, former ‘pseudo’ boyfriend, Richard, causes a scene as she cozies up to Dell; and sexy, charismatic Detective Jacobs has more on his mind then investigating Richard’s death, as he relentlessly pursues Paige.

Crazy Cat stalks the neighborhood day and night, dragging home her treasures. Her criminal behavior appears to escalate when she leaves money on Paige’s bed. Crazy is quite opinionated and doesn’t hesitate to share her feelings in various ways, particularly about Paige’s love interests.

When Paige’s house is ransacked and the vandals are unsuccessful in finding what they are searching for, they turn their sights on Paige, putting her life in peril. Will Crazy Cat save the day?

What genre is this?

Humorous, romance and mystery…

Who is it aimed at?

Chick lit fans.  Cat lovers.

Tell us about Paige Turner.

Paige Turner teaches 3rd grade and is part of a close family, which includes three older brothers. Two years separate her brother Ben, who enjoys teasing her at every turn. She was infatuated with Dell through high school and college, but he was dating and subsequently became engaged to someone else. He breaks the engagement, returns to town and is interested in ‘hooking up’ with Paige.

How much of you – or the person you wish you were – is in Paige?

Not so much in this book, but definitely in a previous novel.

You’ve written other books?

Murder Reigns in Wallisrose; One Copper Penny; Copper Penny Lane; soon to be published, Cattails, Sawgrass and Murder; and, Solemn Oath – A Fairy Tale

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Worked as an analyst for a defense contractor for 27 years; mom to adopted daughter who is a senior in college; avid reader of mysteries, political commentary, national and international news; artistic and creative; mom to several pets.

Do you have a website?

What about Twitter?




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