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Interview with Lexi Revellian, author of Wolf By The Ears

Wolf by the Ears

When Tyger Rebel Thomson starts working for a Russian oligarch, she could be on her way to the life of her dreams – assuming, that is, she lives long enough to get there.

Grisha Markovic is a man with enemies. He’s loathed by the Kremlin, under observation by MI6, involved in acrimonious litigation over a Siberian gold mine, and rumoured to possess an explosive dossier containing details of a massive Russian tax fraud.

Grisha is impressed with Tyger’s intelligence; he takes a fatherly interest in her and makes her his personal assistant. This could be the break she has been hoping for. But after a mysterious driver tries to run her down, she begins to suspect that the death of his last PA may not have been an accident…

What genre is this novel? Who is it aimed at?
Thriller/suspense with a hint of romance.

Anyone who enjoys a feel-good page turner with believable characters and humour will enjoy Wolf by the Ears.

If you’d like Richard Curtis films rewritten as thrillers, you’ll love my book.

Tell us about Tyger. 
Tyger Rebel Thomson is determined to escape her New Age traveller upbringing. So she cleans houses by day, pulls pints in a bar by night and studies for the Open University in what little spare time she has. Her dream is to own a tiny flat of her own in London and get a proper job in the City.

We really loved your post-apocalyptic romance novel, Ice Diaries which we interviewed you about. Have you written anything else?
Remix: a mystery
Replica: a thriller with a Sci fi element.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m a designer jeweller, urban cyclist and live and work in London.

Do you have a website?

Here you can see photos of places and things in my novels.

What about social media?
I’d rather you went to my blog:

Ah, we remember that you said that you’re not hugely into social media. 
What’s next for you?

Just deciding now. If possible, a series, as readers always want a sequel to my stand-alone novels.

How easily do new storylines come to you? If we give you four random words – Man, Woman, Airport, Darkness – can you give us a brief storyline?
I can do you a beginning.

Go on then.
A man gets off his flight from America, looking forward to home, shower and bed, when the power goes off in the terminal. No one knows what is going on. In the vast expanse of darkness the only light is from the tiny screens of mobile phones.

The man gets talking to an attractive woman, who says she lives in his part of London and offers him a lift if he will help her get to the car park. They make their way painfully slowly through the impenetrable blackness to her car. On the way down the motorway, she seems to know a surprising amount about him; uneasily, he begins to suspect their meeting was not accidental…




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