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Why you must read Tony Perez-Giese’s Pac Heights


PAC HEIGHTS is set in San Francisco during the boom and bust of 2000. A staffing error at a temp agency sends a straight guy to do a gay man’s job in a Pac Heights mansion. His new boss? The 30-year-old wife of an aging billionaire with a penchant for Prada, foreign boyfriends and glamor drugs. As the narrator gets sucked into the high life of sex, drugs and nannies, the big question becomes whether or not the woman of the house will add her new ‘houseboy’ to the luxury collection.

What genre is this?
Humorous fiction.

What demographic is aimed at?
People looking for a fast-paced slice of life book with great characters, snappy dialogue and an insightful plot.

Complete this sentence for us: if you like ___________, then you’ll love Pac Heights.
THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA and THE NANNY DIARIES but think it would be fun to get a take on similar situations from a young man’s point of view.

We haven’t even asked you the narrator’s name yet.
Tony is the narrator of the book. He’s fascinated by the wealth he finds himself surrounded by, but as the book progresses he becomes more and more aware of how big money is starting to corrupt him.

And the source of this corruption is the billionaire’s wife, right? Tell us about her.
Bailey Phelan is the woman of the house. Bored with her life as a trophy wife, she entertains herself by immersing herself in complicated and dangerous love affairs. Although he husband’s wealth defines her, she also finds herself trapped by it.

Julie Phelan is the billionaire husband. A financial titan in his work life, his house is like a prison. Brusque, arrogant and intimidating.

We hear that some of this story is based on your own experiences. Is that true?
I experience some of what the book describes when I worked as a temp in several Pacific Heights mansions. The Phelans and and their estate is a composite of all the people and households I was exposed to.

Tell us a little more about yourself.
I started off my career as an investigative journalist and won several reporting awards, including the prestigious Annie E Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism. Since then I have lived in Montana and Texas and held jobs ranging from alfalfa farmer to associate producer for national Geographic Television.

PAC HEIGHTS is my first novel, but you can find many of my investigative stories and blogs at

So is that your book site too or have you got another one?

What about social media?
@tpgiese and

What’s next?
The next book to be released is called SEND MORE IDIOTS and is set amid the narco violence along the El Paso – Juarez, Mexico border. A humorous shaggy dog mystery that focuses not only on situations pulled straight from the headlines, but also the ways in which people use tragedies for their own selfish purposes.

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