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Why you must read Jessica Reeves’ The Black, The White and The Grinning Grey


The Black the White and the Grinning Grey is set on a magi world that is near identical to our own. I say near identical because when the magi created it during the middle ages it was identical, but time and the difference that exists between man and magi has now made these two worlds quite different.

One day a young girl falls from the world of men into the world of magi and not one person is please to see her. Specially the white robed Eleusis, who is obsessed by a prediction which talks of the coming to power of the Black Robed Crow.

The story entwines itself around three characters, Medlar, the one who fell, Eleusis, the one who caught her and Callac, the one who is always grinning (well most of the time.)

The story also includes some rather nice ideas to do with magic, like the wallpaper that keeps you awake at night and the dog who is not really a dog at all.

Sounds very fantastical.
The book is a Fantasy Fiction, although I have tried to write it so if you have not read a fantasy fiction before or are not keen on the genre then you might still like to read it.

Tell us about your three central characters.
Medlar Archer is terrible confused and does not know who she really is at all. Unfortunately she finds out.

Eleusis is white robe, arrogant, to beautiful to put into words and is also confused and he hates being confused.

Callac – oh you’ll like Callac – is nice friendly easy going and is Eleusis’ best friend. Unfortunately for him he gets really confused and pays quite a price for his confusion.

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
I think this is quite a difficult question to answer, because I don’t really know. Any one who gets bored on a long journey to work and wants to forget they are squashed together on a: bus; car; train!

Great answer.
Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?

Tell us a little about yourself.
Who me? I am quite the uneventful person. Although I must say I have been using my imagination as soon as I could think. I even dream in stories sometimes. 

In that case you’ll excel at this next challenge: we give you four random words – Man, Woman, Airport, Darkness – and you give us a story.
“Oh I do apologise!” the man stuttered, glad the sudden airports blackout meant no one could see his face. “I hope I didn’t ,” he tried, but failed to put into words the embarrassment his mind felt.
“On no please don’t worry.” the woman replied. “It was an accident.”
“I was feeling for my trolley.” He tried again.
“It is right here.” She grabbed his hand firmly and put it onto his trolley. “That is your trolley. Mine is in front of me. If you like we can link arms and find the exit together.”
“Thank you.” In the pitch black, coupled with the loud apologies and requests for calm, he was becoming quite disorientated, dizzy in fact. But he felt her arm link through his and her sure footedness.
“Thank goodness the airport is quite empty. Otherwise we would have a few trolley crashes!” She laughed and the man liked the laugh so joined it.
Suddenly there was a blinding flicker as the emergency lights came on.
“Thank goodness for that.” The man turned to his companion.
“Have the lights come on?” the woman asked. For a moment the man wondered why she was wearing such dark glasses and felt rather foolish when he realised she was quite blind.
“They have,” he replied. “But do you mind if I still escort you to the exit?”
“Oh thank you but I am quite capable of finding the way out. I fly quite a lot from here.”
“I sensed that, I was just wondering if between here and there I could persuade you to take my phone number.” She smiled and he liked the smile.
“Let’s find out, shall we?”  she replied and held out her arm.

That’s lovely.
What’s next for you?
Next is a sequel to the Black, White and Grinning Grey. The title is All Five of Me and I hope to publish it early 2014.I am already planning to sequel to All Five of Me but I am not sure what will happen after that.

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